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Bambanti Festival 2019:From Aliw Awards to a Guinness World Record

A SCARECROW is a human-like figure that guards crops from marauding birds, and is usually made of sticks and old clothes stuffed with straw, held up by a frame over a field -- and can be a farmer’s best friend. The province of Isabela celebrates these farmer’s helpers -- known in the province as bambanti -- with a festival every fourth week of January.

2018 Bambanti Festival: Isabeleño artistry front and center

ON THE WAY to Ilagan City, one sees field upon field of rice and corn, each with a bambanti (Ilocano for “scarecrow”) standing guard....

Isabela’s Bambanti Festival

FOOD, MUSIC, AND SCARECROWS — these are just some of the things that a visitor to Isabela will see if they visit during the...