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As its main building is renovated, Ayala Museum to mount mobile...

AS THE Ayala Museum shuts its doors for a year while undergoing a major renovation, art lovers will not miss out as it will be holding mobile exhibits starting this month.

Livin’ in a surreal world

BORN IN 1941, artist Raul H. Lebajo is still a kid at heart. For his ongoing exhibit, he invites viewers into the world of his imagination, of fantastic worlds and phantasmagorias.

Consistency in evolution

GUS ALBOR says he is an apolitical artist. But when asked why he called his ongoing exhibition -- on view at the Ayala Museum until Feb. 10 -- Territory, he said it pertains to the Philippine-China dispute over the Spratly Islands.

Learning through comics

BEFORE the advent of free television for cheap entertainment, there were comic books.

Bedazzled by bamboo

BAMBOO can be boring — a run-of-the-mill construction material, it doesn’t command attention unless when used as material for something unusual like bicycles or sunglasses. But for artist and fashion designer Anat Heifetz, the simple yet sturdy plants make for an interesting canvas.

Celebrating Philippine Cinema’s 100th year with an exhibit

FILMS TELL the story and present the identity of a nation and its people. So to mark 100 years of Philippine cinema, filmmaker and UP Film Institute associate professor Nicolas A. Deocampo has curated an exhibit titled Hidden Cinema: The Virtual Experience of Philippine Cinema’s Centenary, showcasing the evolution of motion pictures in the country.

Artist Pfrommer goes on blurring the lines

LAST YEAR, German artist-photographer Sven Pfrommer showcased a two-part portrait series and photo installations of Manila’s construction workers in what he called their “contemporary fashion style” — wearing a T-shirt turned into a face mask, which protects them from heat and dust while working. Mr. Pfrommer is back, but this time, his subjects are random and blurry.

Rodel Tapaya scours his way through his Urban Labyrinth

OFTEN CALLED the urban jungle, the city serves as a battleground where predators and victims meet, and only the fittest survives. In Rodel Tapaya’s...

Let them photograph the art says historian Ambeth Ocampo

WHEN members of the public want to see artworks by National Artists Fernando Amorsolo or Benedicto “BenCab” Cabrera or Jose Joya, they have to...

Lulu Tan Gan ‘yarn bombs’ Greenbelt’s garden

LULU TAN GAN, the queen of knitwear, has put colorful sweaters on the trees at Makati City’s Greenbelt Park. Amidst all the green in...

When the curator is an artist

FEDERICO DE VERA has created his own personal museum inside the Ayala Museum. The renowned New York City-based Filipino jewelry designer and gallery owner...

Ceramics exhibit a snapshot of China-Philippine maritime trade

BEFORE the Spanish arrived and the galleons sailed back and forth across the Pacific, China had long been bartering goods with the Philippines: food...

Are we worth dying for?

By Joseph L. Garcia Virtual Reality ‘The Future of History: Virtual Reality’ Ayala Museum, Makati Ave., Makati City FOR THE ANNIVERSARY of Jose Rizal’s birth on June 19,...

Tribute to Mario Lanza

OLDER GENERATIONS recall American tenor and Hollywood actor Mario Lanza with fondness for introducing opera to the masses through his records and movies in...