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A giant girl at Art in the Park

A 20-FOOT inflatable sculpture of a girl hugging a goat and a four-foot tall perfume bottle are some of the artworks to be displayed at this Sunday’s Art in the Park fair at the Jaime Velasquez Park in Salcedo Village, Makati.

P9 million the going rate at auction for Lunas, Hidalgo

PAINTINGS by Juan Luna and Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo fetched P9 million at Salcedo Auctions’ Important Philippine Art sale on March 9.

2 Lunas and a Hidalgo

“PHILIPPINE art history is never static. It remains in constant flux,” remarked Salcedo Auctions director Richie Lerma, speaking about the emergence of three works by classic Filipino artists.

55 artists honored in NCCA’s Ani ng Dangal

THE National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) ends this year’s National Arts Month by awarding 55 artists in various fields at its annual Ani ng Dangal (Harvest of Honors), to be held today at the Diamond Hotel in Malate, Manila.

Absorbing Vincent: Van Gogh goes immersive in Paris exhibition

PARIS — A Paris gallery is offering visitors the chance to immerse themselves in the colorscapes of Vincent Van Gogh like never before.

Ray Albano: Homo ludens, a playful man

RAYMUNDO “RAY” ALBANO is described by those who knew him as a “homunculus,” a “deformed clubfoot who walked with a limp.” The words aren’t meant to be cruel. They are said with affection, fond memory. Even Mr. Albano poked fun at his scoliosis, calling himself the “Quasimodo of CCP” — that is, the Cultural Center of the Philippines, where he succeeded Roberto Chabet as museum director in 1970. It was a post that Mr. Albano held until he died in 1985 at the age of 38.

Will collectors want it?

FOUR MONTHS ago, Christie’s said it held the first-ever auction of art created by artificial intelligence (AI). The $432,500 sale sparked a controversy among critics over whether it’s really AI-generated if a human was involved in making the portrait.

The new Picasso? Meet Ai-Da the robot artist

FALMOUTH, England — Can robots be creative? British gallery owner Aidan Meller hopes to go some way towards answering that question with Ai-Da, who her makers say will be able to draw people from sight with a pencil in her bionic hand.

M. Butterfly flutters back for a nationwide tour

THEATER FANS from outside Metro Manila now have a chance to see a story of love, deception, and power as M. Butterfly is set to tour six cities this year.

Diversity and inclusivity highlight the Fringe Festival’s 5th year

FRINGE MANILA celebrates its 5th year as the Fringe Festival comes out of the peripheries during Philippine Arts Month. From Feb. 7 to March 3, Metro Manila’s open-access, multi-arts festival will once again present an inclusive program line-up that reflect the culmination of the five years of Fringe Manila.

Tracey Emin delivers an ‘emotional timebomb’ in London exhibition

LONDON — British artist Tracey Emin is unleashing an “emotional timebomb” at her latest exhibition, homing in on what is important to her as she faces what she calls the third stage of her life.

Art on the superyachts: Beware of wine corks and unruly children

EXPENSIVE yachts that double as floating art galleries can lead to unexpected and costly mishaps.

Fashion conscious

FASHION shows our desires and our means to achieve them through carefully selected items. In turn it also begins to see our values and how we seek to live them. In an exhibit called Fashion Revolution at the Metropolitan Museum of Manila, we are given alternatives on how to live more sustainably through the clothes that we interact in and interact with.

To protect and preserve: the challenge for Malang’s children

ALMOST two years after his passing, Mauro “Malang” Santos remain a formidable figure in Philippine art and the broader Asian scene. His works continue to be featured regularly in local and international auction houses with bond paper-sized works on paper fetching anywhere between P200,000 to P500,000 and small works on canvas being sold upwards of P1 million.

Listen to the music of the night again

GOOD news for those who missed it the first time it came to Manila in 2012 and for those who wish to see it — and its famous chandelier — again, The Phantom of the Opera is back in town.

NCCA names beauty queen, actors as new ambassadors for Nat’l Arts...

CELEBRITIES, thanks to their clout among their fans, make good endorsers. But beyond influencing us to buy and consume more T-shirts and face creams, four Filipino stars are now the ambassadors of far more important things, our arts and culture, with the goal of bringing them closer and making them more relevant to more people.

What and who to see at Art Fair Philippines 2019

UNLIKE the previous editions where featured works were found on every floor of The Link carpark in Makati, this year’s Art Fair Philippines will showcase all its ArtFairPH/Projects featured artists and their works on one floor, for better impact and convenient viewing, said one of the fair’s organizers, Lisa Ongpin Periquet, during a press conference on Wednesday.

Art Fair 2019: Art and earth

THE works of two women artists — Olivia d’Aboville and Ling Quisumbing-Ramilo — converse about the crucial issues concerning our environment: climate change and plastic pollution at this year’s Art Fair Philippines.

10 (or more) reasons to live

THE NARRATOR enters and walks to audience members around the room as she gives out strips of paper. From the aisle, she walks to the third row on the left side and hands this writer one strip of paper on which was written “5. Things with stripes” in cursive letters. “Hold on it. I’ll explain later,” she says.

It all begins with jazz

AT 2 p.m., artist Gerry Baguio sits alone in his studio surrounded by pieces of cogon paper. To kickstart his creativity, he sets his iPod on the speakers and plays the album In a Silent Way (1969) by Miles Davis. At 4 p.m., he takes a break. And at 7 p.m., he resumes working.

Israeli museum to drop McJesus sculpture after violent protests

HAIFA, ISRAEL — An Israeli museum plans to withdraw a sculpture depicting the McDonald’s mascot as the crucified Jesus following protests which briefly united the country’s Christian minority, its populist culture minister, and the pro-Palestinian artist.

CCP’s Pasinaya festival to be upsized this year

THE largest multi-arts festival in the country is back, but this year, the CCP Pasinaya Open House Festival will be held for a longer period — from Feb. 1 to 3.

Banksy’s ‘snow’ pollution mural sold for over $130,000

LONDON — A mural by elusive British street artist Banksy depicting a child enjoying falling snow that is in fact pollution from a burning bin has been sold for over £100,000 ($130,000) to a British art dealer.

Where is art headed in 2019?

BusinessWorld asked some of the country’s artists, and art champions about their outlook for Philippine culture and arts for this year (and beyond). The answers were as varied as their practices.

Art tilt hopes to tap youth’s passion

BECAUSE THE future belongs to the dreamers and the youth, this year’s theme for the Visual Arts Competition (VAC), a partnership between PLDT and Directories Philippines Corp. (DPC), is “Creating the Legacy, Creating the Future.”

Beyonce and Jay-Z help Paris Louvre museum to record number of...

PARIS — A music video by Beyonce and Jay-Z set in the Louvre helped boost visitor numbers to a record 10.2 million last year, the most for any museum in history, the Louvre said on Thursday.

Art dealer to billionaires offers 10 prized works at auction

AN ART dealer with clients including billionaires Leon Black and Ronald Lauder is selling 10 works from his private collection that could set individual auction records for some of the masters who created them.

A very full theatrical calendar

LAST YEAR’s theater scene was lively and jampacked. This year is shaping up to be just the same, if not more.

Fight masterpiece fatigue with 2019’s thrilling new art exhibits

FOR CULTURE vultures, 2019 will hold a dazzling array of museum exhibitions. From London to Los Angeles and Brooklyn to Basel, there are thoughtful, sweeping, and often provocative shows to look forward to.

Traditional art, social media smarts: Marius Black’s hopeful, woodblock Manila

How social media changed the game for this traditional artist.

Philippine Art Award discovers new talents

THE Philippine Art Awards will be celebrating it 25th anniversary next year. There is a feeling of unease, however, with some wondering if the award-giving body is on the right track or if it is producing good art and artists.

An elaborate process creates the deceptively simple

ABSTRACT paintings hold a multitude of meanings depending on the beholder, so instead of looking for meaning, one way to connect to the art work is to look at and appreciate the labor behind the creation.

Livin’ in a surreal world

BORN IN 1941, artist Raul H. Lebajo is still a kid at heart. For his ongoing exhibit, he invites viewers into the world of his imagination, of fantastic worlds and phantasmagorias.

High and low art the same CCP’s Encyclopedia

THE Cultural Center of the Philippines’ 12-volume Encyclopedia of Philippine Art is encompassing, with the inclusion of discourses on popular culture, digital media, and LGBTQ-themed essays in broadcast art, among others.

Consistency in evolution

GUS ALBOR says he is an apolitical artist. But when asked why he called his ongoing exhibition -- on view at the Ayala Museum until Feb. 10 -- Territory, he said it pertains to the Philippine-China dispute over the Spratly Islands.

Focusing on the art of Baguio

FORMERLY THE Diplomat Hotel, the Dominican Hill and Nature Park in Baguio City was recently repurposed to serve as an art gallery. Outside the building were installations by National Artist Kidlat Tahimik, while inside was a showcase of other installations, sculptures, and paintings by local artists like Maela Jose, whose huge mandala-inspired canvas that hung at the ground floor of the once grand hotel.

Billionaires, Blockchain, and art collide in Miami

ADAM LINDEMANN tends to have pretty good timing.

Masters of art the focus in Manila Hotel’s new gallery

A WORK of colorful chaos, a memento of places travelled, and beauty as seen through an evolving image of a woman’s face are just some of the artworks on view at Manila Hotel’s newly opened Art Gallery.

Jackson fans look to beat it down to Paris

PARIS — A portrait of Michael Jackson as King Philip II of Spain and an Andy Warhol print are among artworks on display at a show in Paris dedicated to the late pop star.

Young artists’ perspectives

THE FIGURE of a suffocated god of harvest; a self-portrait of an artist; the picture of a blindfolded man; and an upside down reflection of a woman all triumphed at the 51st Shell National Student Art Competition (NSAC).

On being a Filipino-Chinese artist

VISUAL ARTIST Hau Chiok delivered his opening speech for his exhibition Coalescences: 60 years of Hau Chiok in Fukienese.

Christie’s tops Sotheby’s in monster auction week

CHRISTIE’S beat out rival Sotheby’s in a billion-dollar week for both auction houses, thanks in part to eight-figure sales by bold-faced artists.

Michelangelo buy sends waste manager’s shares soaring

A CHINESE former construction products company wants to offer anyone with a brokerage account a piece of a Michelangelo.

BenCab goes punk

IN BETWEEN Benedicto “BenCab” Cabrera’s iconic Sabel and Larawan series, the National Artist had a phase when he focused on drawing punks as a form of diversion from his signature paintings in the early 1980s.

What we can learn from Italy’s contemporary and modern museum scene

THE PHILIPPINES and Italy share the same dilemma when it comes to art: their governments doesn’t care much about it. But our shared problem stops here, because as an Italian art critic and curator who recently visited the county said, Italian politicians are only apprehensive to fully embrace contemporary art because they don’t understand it. Here, meanwhile, politicians aren’t very keen in prioritizing arts and culture at all.