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Artist/activist Carlos Celdran died of cardiac arrest says wife

ARTIST, cultural activist, and tour guide Carlos Celdran died of cardiac respiratory arrest in Madrid and he did not die alone, said his wife, Tesa J. Celdran, in a statement released on Wednesday evening.

Time after time

By Alicia A. Herrera Associate Editor ANYONE with an interest in telling time -- whether a connoisseur or a regular Joe -- who is heading to...

How to make a beautiful watch

AN incredible amount of work goes into one of Patek Philippe’s handcrafted watches, those which are elaborately decorated with enamel, etching, and marquetry.

Automata and the Chinese market: choosing watches for a grand exhibition

WHEN DEVELOPING the new Watch Art Grand Exhibition: Discovering the World of Patek Philippe, Peter Friess, the director and curator of the Patek Philippe Museum, had to decide which watches to bring to Singapore.

Exciting Enderun auction raises funds for Tuloy Foundation scholars

EXCITEMENT filled the Enderun Tent as the live auction of the Harvest of Hope fundraising dinner began. The sale’s tempo started off at a stately pace, with auctioneers setting bid increments at P10,000. By the end of the run, guests were furiously bidding for “72 Hours in the World of Alain Ducasse,” with each paddle raise corresponding to a price increase of P100,000.