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Tales of the Manuvu: A 1970s classic for the 21st century

BOY CAMARA, a 69-year-old retired rock star and college heartthrob, was hanging out in New Jersey when he received a random message from Alice Reyes. Would Mr. Camara like to join the restaging of Tales of the Manuvu, inquired Ms. Reyes, the founder of Ballet Philippines (BP) who returned to the company in 2017 as its artistic director.

Taking on the beast

TRANSLATING Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana into dance is a feat not for the fainthearted. Composed between 1935 and 1936, the cantata is a beast of a piece that plays at piety before descending into medieval debauchery.

Ballet Philippines | Young Choreographers Showcase

Ballet Philippines' Young Choreographers Showcase will be held from June 9-10 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Seven pieces will be presented for the first time.

Ballet Philippines’ Nutcracker treats kids to tea and sweets

SISTERS Edna Vida and National Artist for Dance Alice Reyes have teamed up for Ballet Philippines’ 48th season ending production, The Nutcracker, which will...

A Gala Celebration: Fearless on stage

A COUPLE swirls and twirls and mimic each other in a calm and yet arresting manner. Called “Equanimity,” the pas de deux explores the...

Braving stormy weather

Alice Reyes, National Artist for Dance, as Lena Horne. Words  Sam L. Marcelo | Photography  Kai Huang It’s a gray and soggy Tuesday, the kind better...