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Palo Alto seeks to protect 5G-enabled PHL enterprises from threats

AMERICAN multinational cybersecurity company Palo Alto Networks, Inc. is seeking to work with Philippine businesses for protection against cyber threats as they adopt 5G technology to accelerate their digital transformation journey.

French limits on Huawei 5G equipment amount to de facto ban...

French authorities have told telecoms operators planning to buy Huawei 5G equipment that they won’t be able to renew licenses for the gear once they expire, effectively phasing the Chinese firm out of mobile networks, three sources close to the matter said.

Banks enumerate the benefits of cloud computing

By Patricia B. Mirasol “Every serious company is now fast becoming a tech company,” said Dirk-Peter van Leeuwen, senior vice-president and general manager for Red...

[B-SIDE Podcast] Artificial intelligence: the key to a thriving post-pandemic economy

https://open.spotify.com/episode/3QYK6sxokTsbp5vvKzBHlY Follow us on Spotify BusinessWorld B-Side Artificial intelligence (AI) may be the key to helping the Philippine economy get back on its feet. Without sufficient...

Huawei Global Analyst Summit discusses business results and vision for the...

The company reported increased investments and called for collaboration.

How 5G helps Filipinos work in their pajamas

If there are compelling professional and personal reasons to embrace remote working, why, then, are Filipino companies so in favor of on-site working? While there are cultural reasons at play the biggest roadblock to remote working is technological.

Now Corp, Korean telco to develop 5G network in PHL

NOW Corp. and its affiliate Now Telecom Co., Inc. is teaming up with South Korea’s SK Telecom Co., Ltd. to launch a commercial fifth generation (5G) network in the Philippines.

Riding the next (mm)wave: the present and future of 5G

Huawei Asia-Pacific Innovation Day on 5G development and applications

A key player to unlock IR 4.0 capabilities

Winning together in the fourth industrial revolution By Mark Louis F. Ferrolino, Special Features Writer The telecommunications industry has been at the forefront of massive changes worldwide....

5G network now available in Pasig — Globe

GLOBE Telecom, Inc.’s fifth-generation (5G) network became commercially available in Pasig City over the weekend.

Providing world-class connectivity

Telecommunications has become one of the lifeblood of the modern world. It happened to be the driving force behind massive changes and multitudinous advances...

Smart teams up with Nokia for 5G

PLDT, INC.’s wireless unit Smart Communications, Inc. announced on Tuesday it is partnering with Nokia for the rollout of its fifth generation (5G) network in universities.

Smart makes first video call on 5G connection in Philippines

PLDT, Inc. and its wireless unit Smart Communications, Inc. made its first fifth generation (5G) to 5G video call on Wednesday, two weeks after it fired up its first 5G cell sites in Makati City and Clark, Pampanga.

Smart activates 5G cell sites in Makati, Clark

PLDT, Inc.’s wireless unit Smart Communications, Inc. said it has fired up its first fifth generation (5G) cell sites located at the Makati Central Business District and Clark Freeport Zone on Wednesday.

Is 5G more vulnerable to hackers than 4G? Australia thinks so

Though 5G promises to be so fast it could revolutionize the way we use everything from home appliances to cars, the technology may also...

Smart taps Ericsson for 5G roll out in first half of...

PLDT, Inc.’s wireless subsidiary Smart Communications, Inc. said its rollout of fifth generation (5G) technology is set for the first half of 2019 as it ties up with Ericsson.

Smart taps Ericsson for 5G roll out in 2019

PLDT, Inc.’s wireless subsidiary Smart Communications, Inc. said its roll out of fifth generation (5G) technology is booked for the first half of 2019...

5G opens up $1.8-billion revenue opportunity for telco — Ericsson study

Telecommunication companies in the Philippines should tap into 5G technology's potential digitalization revenues, which could reach $1.8 billion by 2026, a study by Ericsson...

DICT backs assigning frequency to ‘third player,’ not auction

THE Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) is pushing for awarding of frequencies to the telecommunications industry’s third entrant to reduce its financial burden, the acting head of the department said.