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PHL’s 4G availability improves — report

A RECENT report said the availability of fourth generation (4G) network in the Philippines is getting better, but while video experience, broadband speed and latency experience has also shown improvement, these still lag behind the rest of the world.

Globe expands LTE network coverage

Globe Telecom, Inc. said it installed 1,752 new long-term evolution (LTE) sites during the first half of the year, bringing its LTE network coverage...

Smart taps Ericsson for 5G roll out in 2019

PLDT, Inc.’s wireless subsidiary Smart Communications, Inc. said its roll out of fifth generation (5G) technology is booked for the first half of 2019...

Poll shows Manila with one of lowest 4G speeds in region

By Patrizia Paola C. Marcelo, Reporter MANILA has one of the lowest fourth generation (4G) download speeds in East and Southeast Asia, a mobile analytics...

PHL shows vast improvement in 4G speeds — OpenSignal

THE PHILIPPINES improved in long-term evolution (LTE) availability and speed from last year due to the expansion of services by the telecommunications giants, according to a recent report.

PHL near bottom in 4G availability, speed

THE PHILIPPINES has among the lowest long-term evolution (LTE) speed and availability rates globally, a report by a London-based firm said. In a report released...

PHL telcos get mixed 4G service test results

GLOBE Telecom, Inc. led regionally in 4G availability while Smart Communications, Inc. led in 4G speeds, mirroring national results, a London-based company said. In its...