Supply chain trade group to establish Davao chapter

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DAVAO CITY — The Supply Chain Management Association of the Philippines (SCMAP) said it is preparing to set up a chapter in Davao, in part to work out solutions for the industry’s issues in Mindanao.

“What we do, we put people together in one group so that they can identify the issues and come up with solutions together, which is a collaborative effort,” SCMAP Executive Director Norman H. Adriano said in an interview on the sidelines of the recent Mindanao Shipping Conference held in the city.

SCMAP counts among its members the country’s major manufacturers, logistics providers, and retailers.

Mr. Adriano said having a sub-group in Davao will help address supply chain challenges within the local context, such as high shipping costs.

He cited as an example the SCMAP chapter in northern Luzon: “Our chapter in northern Luzon based in Clark is promoting the use of Subic Port. The problem is there is very little participation because people think that using the Subic Port is more expensive than Manila port. The chapter came up with a number showing people that it is not true.”

He said making supply chains more efficient ultimately benefits consumers.

“We believe that if people collaborate along the supply chain, the cost (of goods) will be at least maintained, not increase,” he said.

The added that the group is looking at forming a chapter in Palawan, which also has unique supply chain needs.

“In Palawan tourism is growing, so the logistics are tourism-related. We are going to push for another chapter in Palawan,” Mr. Adriano said. — Maya M. Padillo