Starting the year right

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T’is the season to be merry and give gifts. But a lot of people are already working out plans for the coming year. And with most of the people having busy work or school schedules, it is but important to keep everything organized. It helps to list down and calendar important events and appointments. That’s why organizers and planners come in handy. Check out these fun, fresh and inspiring journals in the market.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 2018 Giving Journal

True to the spirit of Christmas, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf once again celebrates its tradition of giving with its project, Giving Journal. Now on its 10th year, it focuses on the theme, “Leave a Legacy.” Its 2018 lineup comes with a “customizable cover specially made for individuals who use art as a form of creative self-expression” with four colors to choose from. One needs only 12 stamps by purchasing certain items.

Starbucks Philippines planner

The 2018 Starbucks planner comes in two designs, each one encased in a leather sleeve. It has monthly and weekly views, a stencil ruler, a desk calendar that can be folded into the shape of a Starbucks cup and an exclusive Starbucks card. 18 stickers are needed to redeem one Limited Edition Starbucks Coffee 2018 Planner.

Certified Positive planner

If you want to start the year with positivity and grow more in faith, this planner is full of inspirational quotes and has monthly testimonials of lives changed by Christ. It comes with two sticker pages and two bookmark ribbons, with themed scriptures every month. It also has Bible verse tracker and Gospel illustration.

Where to Next (WTN) planner

For people who love to travel, this is the planner for you. Its cover is made of synthetic PU leather with debossing and texture lamination. Its inside pages include The Philippines and World Bucket List, 2018-2019 Calendar, 12 Dateless Months, A Climber’s Checklist and Questions to Ask a Stranger, among other things. Not only that, for every purchase of a planner, a tree will be planted in the ancestral domain of the Aetas in Zambales. As WTN said on its Web site: “We strive to combine passion and purpose.”

Scribble planner

This dated planner has a very feminine vibe to it, what with its pink cover and pink ribbon bookmark. It has highlighted international and local holidays, monthly and weekly compliments to keep you motivated at all times, along with fun activities inside. Plus, it also features monthly artworks by Risa Rodil and comes with a back pocket and sticker sheet.

Design your Life planner

A project of C&S Designs, this 6.75”x7.75” planner is stylish and full of colors. It comes with cute stickers and has a space each month for your photos. It also has monthly and yearly calendars, Travel Planners+Checklist, motivational quotes and unique monthly designs, among others. Its cover is sturdier with round edges, and comes with rainbow or rose gold binding. Check out its site for bundle offerings.

Tita Witty planner

If you want fun games and lots of humor, this is the right one for you. It intends to “unleash the Basha in you,” make fun of “dieting (or the lack thereof) issues,” and “about the ‘Sana’ in our lives.” According to its Web site, it is a 6 inches by 6 inches hardbound planner, with weekly and monthly calendar spreads and 54 hilarious bonus features. It will surely brighten up your day, plus it has bundle offers for its planner, notebooks and slum book.

Whether one wishes to have a planner for himself or herself, or as an exciting gift for someone, there are so many options in the market that can fit one’s lifestyle and choice. So start the year right by planning ahead of time and enjoy having an organized and stress-free life. — Erika Fortuno-Mioten