St Luke’s partners with recruiter to prepare nurses for UK work

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ST. LUKE’S Medical Center (SLMC) has signed an agreement with a recruiting firm to provide its nurses an opportunity to work in the UK.

SLMC President and CEO Arturo S. De la Peña told reporters Thursday that the partnership with Resource Finder Recruitment Ltd. will provide an avenue for training SLMC nurses looking to work in the UK.

“They’re looking for qualified nurses and our nurses are qualified so to manage their migration also, we might as well enter (into an agreement with Resource Finder)… It’s a career pathway for our nurses and yet we assure their placement in the UK,” he said.

The “Nurse Migration Program” is a two-year guided program that will prepare qualified SLMC nurses for work in the UK. Eligible nurses are regular SLMC employees who have worked one year as a nurse.

Nurses selected for the program will need to sign a Service Retention Bond Agreement for two years and maintain a minimum Performance Appraisal Rating of “meets expectations.”

Mr. De la Peña said SLMC has a 20% attrition rate for nurses, with an average of 20 leaving monthly for overseas work.

SLMC employs nearly 2,000 nurses in its Taguig and Quezon City hospitals.

According Mr. De la Peña, the UK is currently facing a shortage of health workers, with demand for about 20,000 nurses.

Resource Finder Managing Director Robert Fuller said during the partnership signing on Thursday that Filipino nurses in particular are in demand. He said “There is something different about the nurses in the Philippines. There is that passion.” — Gillian M. Cortez