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Investing in your family’s future with Cocolife

Atty. Martin A. Loon, LL.M. — President and CEO, Cocolife

Good health can be considered a key to being able to fulfill dreams not just for one’s self, but also for his or her family. Yet, while staying healthy by having a well-integrated lifestyle might be easy to say, it can also be the hardest thing to do, especially with too many uncertainties under way and life being too unpredictable.

For Cocolife, the biggest Filipino-owned stock life insurance company, the dreams and aspirations of their clients and their loved ones are the driving force in continuing in providing a better life for them.

Cocolife’s life insurance products and services, tailored to Filipino families, provides them with better financial protection and stability in the occurrence of unfortunate events. Cocolife considers these solutions as a means that help families turn their goals into reality, and so achieve their dreams whatever comes their way.

“In Cocolife, we are people-focused — both with how we service our customers and value our employees. We make it a point to provide the best possible servicing in the industry. From the time a customer purchases any of our products up to the time a claim has to be paid, we make it as convenient and efficient for them. Of course, they put their trust in us so it is our mission to repay them for that trust,” Atty. Jose Martin A. Loon, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cocolife, told BusinessWorld in an email.

A financially secure future is what Cocolife envisions for individuals and families. Guided with this vision, Cocolife puts great value in developing comprehensive and unique products and services that will help protect their health and wealth at the same time. Such products and health programs are designed to cover various types of illnesses and protect individuals’ and their family’s financial well-being.

“Cocolife is truly a one-stop shop for the Filipinos’ financial needs — we are one of the few that provide a wide array of financial products from life, healthcare, non-life, investment, and much more. What our clients love about the company is the diversity of our products that cater to all needs for any demographic,” Atty. Loon stated.

While security has always been a primary goal, it is not the first time that insurers are also worried about the cost and affordability of such plans. With that in mind, Cocolife has always been customer-centric, prioritizing the development of products and services that will surely be affordable and accessible on insurers’ end. In other words, it aims to offer products that are more affordable in terms of securing and strengthening the Filipino family welfare.

“Our products cater to all segments and demographics — to all Filipinos. As the biggest Filipino stock-life insurance company, we value every peso invested in our products as we make it our mission to provide excellent and efficient service to all our countrymen. No matter how big or small your investment,” Atty. Loon added.

On top of that, Cocolife intends to educate Filipinos on the importance, benefits, and beauty of insurance through financial literacy programs. These programs are designed to help them realize that insurance is a necessity and a smart investment in protecting their income and living a more comfortable life.

“Cocolife’s ongoing financial literacy programs stress the importance of every dream and a tailored plan to secure the dream. In the said programs, we do not trivialize to our customers the importance of money,” Trinna V. Bernardino, senior vice-president, chief actuary and head of Actuarial Division at Cocolife, explained.

Maria Katarina Bernardino, Senior Vice-President and Chief Actuary, Cocolife

“We let them know that money is essential in securing financial well-being. We educate that insurance benefit is not a mere investment, but a tangible source of money in case of untimely need. Insurance is a concrete and enduring expression of our commitment to secure our loved ones even beyond death,” she added.

As a customer-centric insurance business that seeks to deliver more security to families, Cocolife optimizes the assistance of its financial advisors, housed in Cocolife’s 24 Sales Offices, present in 14 super malls, as well as approachable online. These advisors will help clients evaluate their financial situation and develop a certain financial goal that they can actually achieve.

Driven by a passion to fulfill the dreams and aspirations of Filipinos, Cocolife intends for its quality insurance products and services to truly meet the needs of Filipino insurers in attaining a more secure financial future. The earlier they avail of these choices, the earlier they can ease their worries and so begin focusing on achieving their dreams.

“In terms of purchasing insurance or any investment for that matter, the best time to obtain one is now. Time must not be wasted hemming and hawing before taking action and waiting to reach a certain financial status or life stage. Money grows exponentially and the earlier you invest, the higher the long-term return,” Ms. Bernardino said.

“What we treasure the most is what we need to protect. Whether it be the family home, your children’s schooling, your health — there is a product that is tailor-fit for the things that matter most,” Atty. Loon added.

Learn more about Cocolife’s new and comprehensive life insurance products by visiting www.cocolife.com.


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