The Barbie movie, starring Margot Robbie as Barbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken, has been embraced wholeheartedly in the Philippines. Since its release on July 19, the Barbie frenzy has taken over the country, leading to exciting collaborations with the limited edition fashion brands in the country. 

Now, Wilcon Depot, the Philippines leading home improvement and trusted building partner retailer in the country, is joining on board by bringing the trendy Barbie frenzy right into your homes!

Barbiecore Living Room Ideas: What To Buy?

Ready to bring Barbie magic home? Wilcon Depot has everything you need for a fabulous Barbie-inspired makeover! From sofas to floor tiles, we’ve got a range of pink and chic items to turn your Barbie dream into reality!

1. Minimalist Sofas and Chairs

When finding the ultimate chic and cozy sofa and chairs for your Barbie core sala set, look no further than Heim and Nobizzi! 

Picture this perfect combination: kickstart your living room with Heim’s Tamisha series 3-seater and 1-seater sofas – pure elegance and comfort wrapped into one! But why stop there? Elevate the style with Nobizzi’s Velvet Accent Chair, which brings a touch of princess vibes with its luxurious white-velvet fabric and gold steel materials.

2. Modern Living Room Tables

A living room just isn’t complete without the charming center table and side table to add that touch of elegance! Introducing: the Heim Lotus Center Table and the Nobizzi Art Deco Style Gold Side Table.

The Heim Lotus Center Table is an absolute eye-catcher! With its sleek metal and glass materials, this table is a masterpiece with those lotus-like designs on the sides.

The Nobizzi Art Deco Style Gold Side Table is truly irresistible with its marble table-top and stainless gold frame. It’s the epitome of luxury and style, a must-have addition to your living room setup.

3. Stylish Pendant Lights and Table Lamp

Take your Barbie game to the next level with Alphalux’s fabulous ceiling lights and table lamps!

If you want that ultimate Barbie doll house feel, pendant lights are the way to go! Check out the stunning Ned Pendant Lamp and Frank Pendant Lamp – they’ll add that much-need touch of magic to your living room. Made with a mix of metal, glass, and the iconic pink color, these ceiling lights will make your space shine like a Barbie dream! You can complete your Barbie living room with Alphalux’s chic acrylic Lure Table Lamp to add charm and style to your space. 

4. Aesthetic Wall and Floor Tiles for the Living Room

Who said the Barbie theme should be limited to furniture? Let’s take it up a notch by adding some flair to your walls and floors with fabulous tiles!

For glossy walls that will make your living room sleek and shiny, check out Herberia’s Smart Glossy Decor Wall Tile, Basel’s Arriana Glossy Wall Tile, or Novabell’s Ravello Glossy Wall Tile. You can complement these wall tile decors with Saigres’s stunning floor tiles. Choose from Alarico Glossy Ceramic Floor Tile, Vallery Polished Porcelain Floor Tile, or Statuario Polished Porcelain Floor Tile that will effortlessly match your living room pieces and wall decors.

5. Velvet Throw Pillow Cases

You can’t underestimate the power of throw pillowcases in creating an iconic Barbie living room look. They may seem like small details, but they make a huge difference in adding that extra touch of style to your sofas and chairs!

And nothing screams Barbie more than velvet fabrics! Heim’s Douce Pink Throw Pillow Case And Timantti Light Brown Throw Pillow Case are spot-on choices. Their simple yet classy look effortlessly matches our earlier sofa and chair recommendations.

6. Other Barbie Living Room Design Ideas

The Barbie makeover for your sala doesn’t stop there – we’ve got more fabulous additions that will give your living room a girly and glamorous interior!

To add that final touch of elegance, consider the beige Maine carpet by Heim. Made of soft polyester fiber with an abstract design, it will not only complete the look of your living room but also create a cozy and confined ambiance.

And what’s a Barbie-themed room without flowers? Sprinkle some floral magic with a set of clear glass vases with a touch of gold by Heim or a fuschia pink artificial chie flower pot. Fresh or lovely dried flowers will add a delightful touch, making your living room bloom with Barbie charm!

Of course, comfort is key for Barbie. Install the sleek and stylish wall mount Kaze Eakon Series 2hp Split Type Aircon Inverter. It will keep your living room perfectly cool while adding a touch of modernity to the space. Barbie deserves the best, after all!

Now, are you already daydreaming about how your Barbie living room will come to life? Well, you’re in luck because Wilcon Depot is here to make it all happen! With their wide array of items available in-store and online, you can bring that doll-like sala to reality in a snap!

Bonus: Barbie-inspired Dining Table Design

While we initially focused on Barbie-themed living room tips, let’s extend the fabulous ideas to your dining area as well!

Picture this: you and your doll friends gathering around the stunning 6-seater rosegold Jean dining table by Nobizzi. Its stainless frame and marble top exude chic elegance, making your dining experience as glamorous as a Barbie dream! Whether it’s a lovely lunch or a fancy dinner, this dining table will surely become the centerpiece of your home, adding that perfect touch of sophistication to another part of your house. So, get ready to dine in style and enjoy the Barbie magic in every corner of your home!

‘C’mon Barbie, let’s go party!’

Ta-da! Your living room is now ready to become the magical stage for your very own Barbie movie! All that’s left to do is visit our online shop or head to the nearest Wilcon store to shop for these fabulous items and more! Trust me, once you’re done setting it all up, you’ll be thrilled and go, ‘ah ah ah yeah’ with the incredible outcome! So, don’t wait any longer – let the Barbie magic begin and turn your living room into a mesmerizing Barbie paradise. Happy decorating!


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