NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Annual Stockholders’ Meeting (“ASM”) of BENEFICIAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, INC. (the “Company”) will be held through remote communication via on June 28, 2023, Wednesday, at 3:00 o’ clock in the afternoon with the following:


  1. Call to Order
  2. Certification of Notice of Meeting and Quorum
  3. Approval of the Minutes of the Previous ASM Held on 30 June 2022
  4. Presentation of Annual Report and Approval of the Audited Financial Statements ( “AFS”)
  5. Ratification and Confirmation of all Acts and Resolutions of the Board of Directors and its Committees, Officers and Management Since the 2022 ASM
  6. Election of Members of the Board (including the Independent Directors)
  7. Election of External Auditor
  8. Consideration of Such Other Matters as May Properly Come Before the Meeting
  9. Adjournment

Only stockholders of record at the close of business hours on June 01, 2023 are entitled to notice of, and to vote at, this ASM.

In view of current circumstances and pursuant to and in accordance with the Company’s Amended By-Laws, the Board of Directors, during its Regular Meeting held on April 13, 2023, resolved that the Annual Stockholders’ Meeting be held in a fully virtual format, thus, stockholders may only attend the ASM by remote communication, by voting in absentia, or by appointing a proxy.

Stockholders intending to participate in the meeting by remote communication must register at on or before 27 June 2023. Stockholders may vote by remote communication, or in absentia subject to validation procedures. The procedures for participation in the meeting through remote communication and for casting of votes in absentia are explained in the Information Statement.

Stockholders who intend to vote by proxy shall submit the duly accomplished proxy to the Office of the Corporate Secretary, 7th/F Beneficial Life Building, 166 Salcedo Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City or via email to not later than 5:00 P.M. of June 21, 2023. Validation of proxies shall be held on June 23, 2023 at 2:00 p.m. WE ARE NOT SOLICITING PROXIES.

For your convenience and in accordance with the Notice of the Securities and Exchange Commission dated 13 March 2023 regarding the Alternative Mode for Distribution and Providing Copies of the Notice of Meeting, Information Statement, and Other Documents in connection with the Holding of Annual Stockholders’ Meeting for 2023, a copy of the Definitive Information Statement, Management Report, SEC Form 17A, Audited Financial Statements and other pertinent documents will be available at the Company’s website at

All email communications should be sent to on or before the designated deadlines.

Given this 18th day of May 2023.

By order of the Board of Directors:

Corporate Secretary


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