San Buena Farm is now able to communicate with its key accounts because of satellite broadband.

In the Philippines, agricultural sector contributes 9.4% to the country’s GDP, but it faces numerous challenges that hamper its growth. Limited access to modern technology and connectivity infrastructure, particularly in rural areas, can lead to low productivity, inefficiency, and limited market access, affecting farmers’ livelihoods.

To address these issues, satellite connectivity can be a game-changer. Non-terrestrial networks like satellite broadband do not rely on local infrastructure and can provide reliable high-speed internet access anywhere with a line of sight to the sky. Modern Ka-band broadband satellites offer access to fast internet with high transmission power, and more affordable small satellite dish setups or VSATs (Very Small Aperture Terminals).

From Field to Market

In the past few decades, the farming process has evolved rapidly with the help of satellite technology. Agribusinesses worldwide are benefitting from increased productivity and optimal crop management through solutions such as remote monitoring and precision farming. Technologies like GPS, drones, robots, and sensors all contribute to reduced costs, increased efficiency, and more sustainable practices. Satellite internet also offers significant benefits, from providing access to valuable information such as weather, market trends, latest research, and expertise, to selling directly on online marketplaces, ensuring fairer prices for both farmers and consumers.

Kacific’s ISPs offer a wide range of plans to meet Agri-Fisheries’ needs.

As more agricultural devices connect to the Internet of Things (IoT), satellite connectivity services offered by key operators like Kacific will soon become the norm for agribusinesses. Kacific offers high-speed internet services that cover remote areas from Batanes to Palawan and even Sulu, with link availabilities between 99.5% and 99.9%. Using Ka-band technology, Kacific provides faster speeds and easy-to-install antennas, making it ideal for farmers to aggregate advanced technologies in their farming process for further growth.

In addition to the unlimited Gigstarter plans at P10,530, Kacific offers other services like FlexVNO, a customizable and scalable virtual network operator service that offers access to dedicated bandwidth and IoT services to support connectivity of sensors and devices for better data collection and analysis.

Dole, a major player in the Philippine fruit sector, has partnered with Limitless Tech Solutions, Inc., one of Kacific’s local ISP partners, to install Kacific’s satellite broadband with a plan of 50 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload. This high-speed, reliable internet service has greatly enhanced Dole’s efficiency. With an estimated 40,000 direct and indirect employees from its Philippine operations, the improved connectivity has helped Dole connect with its employees, suppliers and customers worldwide.

Employees of Dole are pleased with satellite broadband connectivity.

San Buena Farm is a producer of agri products such as vegetables and seafood in Iloilo Island and North Luzon. Since implementing Kacific’s satellite internet with a 3 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload plan, the farm has seen an improvement in building customer relationships.

As the demand for fresh produce continues to grow globally, investing in satellite connectivity has become crucial for the long-term competitiveness and sustainability of agribusinesses in the Philippines. Satellite broadband transforms how local farmers and fisherfolks set themselves apart.

For fast, affordable satellite internet services for your farm, reach out to Kacific’s ISPs:

Limitless-Tech Solutions, Inc. – Email
Transpacific Broadband Group, Inc. – Email or call 0929 528 8143.

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