Technology has dramatically changed how entrepreneurs conduct their businesses. Dealing with customers has been made easier by various online platforms, which are accessible any time of the day. The pandemic has further driven the use of technology and its importance as a source of competitive advantage, without which, businesses may have difficulty thriving in this new normal where convenience, efficiency and security are priority.

Professional services firms also saw the growing importance of technology to their businesses. Having to deliver uninterrupted quality services despite the strict mobility restrictions has caused firms to embrace and maximize the use of technology. From conducting meetings both internally and with client, to sharing of business files, firms have modified their business processes to be adaptive to the evolving business requirements.

Reyes Tacandong& Co. (RT&Co.), a professional services firm employing more than 800 professionals, is at the forefront of this initiative of driving business growth through technology. RSM, a global network of accounting firms which RT&Co. is a member of, has officially launched a new cutting-edge portal solution to clients through its partnership with Inflo. With this new tool, RT&Co. is able to remain close to clients while working effectively to provide seamless audit, compliance and advisory services amidst the current environment.

Inflo’s Digital Audit is one of the accounting profession’s first data-driven audit platform designed for the modern, digital business world. It combines data acquisition, embedded client collaboration, progressive data analytics and dynamic reporting all in one cloud-based platform.

The tool was created with accountancy firms in mind, to deliver an enhanced level of value to clients and, in turn, building deeper relationships. The tool’s collaboration feature allows for a secure and more efficient approach to gathering documentation and information, file-sharing and communication. Digital collaboration, which Inflo’s Digital Audit provides, is a key driver to increasing the transparency and effectiveness of communication between audit team and clients.

The same tool also gives RT&Co. access to market-leading data analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities. Data analytics greatly help in the conduct of audit by enabling a more data-driven risk assessment process and an improved sample selection process that focuses on exceptions, and providing capability to handle analysis of big data. This new approach allows RT&Co. to deliver more client value by offering new insights while maintaining the quality of audits.

Currently, Reyes Tacandong& Co. has offices in Manila, Davao, Cebu, Iloilo and Clark.Its main office is located at 26/F BDO Towers Valero, 8741 Paseo De Roxas, Makati, 1226 Metro Manila. For inquiries, email, or call +632.8982.9100.


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