REJ Diamond Pharmaceuticals continues to enhance lives through quality health products

Among the things, the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has impressed on many is the importance of taking care of one’s health, and maintaining his or her well-being. This has been much evident with the increased interest in exercise routines, balanced diets, as well as medicine, and supplements that boost immunity.

As a local maker and distributor of health-promoting consumer products, REJ Diamond Pharmaceuticals, Inc. continues to provide wellness choices for consumers.

Serving Filipinos for more than 15 years, REJ Diamond has a wide array of medicines, supplements, and other wellness products catering to various needs of consumers. These include food supplements such as Life Caps and Korgivit-E; dietary and herbal beverages such as Coffee Trim, Bavarian Brew, Kankunis, Kancura, and Biofitea; men supplements like Lee MF-Rhino and Honeymoon Tea. The company also distributes the Jingle Bag disposable urine pouch.

Edrich P. Cabrera, president of REJ Diamond Pharmaceuticals, stressed that these products are brought about by the company’s commitment to helping ensure better lives through its high quality yet affordable health and lifestyle brands.

“With no current cure seen yet for COVID-19, more and more people are investing in products that boost their health as a way to protect them from this deadly virus. At REJ, we are committed to deliver quality health products that will improve consumers’ well-being,” Mr. Cabrera said.

Edrich P. Cabrera, president of REJ Diamond Pharmaceuticals

The utmost desire to enhance life and achieve longevity is REJ Diamond’s impetus in developing innovations and breakthroughs in wellness products, the president continued. The advent of utilizing natural and organic materials in improving life has been its cornerstone in manufacturing and distributing those products that consumers enjoy today.

This mission of “creating better lives through quality health products”, shared across the company’s departments, spurs REJ Diamond to forge ahead with optimism in spite of the ongoing pandemic.

In fact, during the lockdown, which initially limited outdoor activities, REJ Diamond has seen an increased demand for its wellness brands such as its leading slimming tea, Biofitea, which Derich Cabrera, REJ Diamond’s sales and marketing operation manager, said has been a household name in most Filipino homes as the natural beverage improves digestion and aids in weight management.

Derich Cabrera, REJ Diamond’s sales and marketing operation manager

Amid the difficulties caused by the ongoing pandemic, REJ Diamond was able to pivot itself especially with the seen increased demand for their products, he added.

“We consider ourselves lucky to be able to produce essential products that kept our business running even during the [then] ECQ (enhanced community quarantine), but most especially…that we can continue to provide products that help Filipinos improve their overall health and lives,” Mr. Cabrera said.

Edrich P. Cabrera, president of REJ Diamond Pharmaceuticals with Derich Cabrera, REJ Diamond’s sales and marketing operation manager

Aside from adhering to guidelines to ensure the safety in their workplace as well as providing support to its workforce, REJ Diamond also did its share in helping communities. Through the SAVE ONE initiative, the company’s president shared that It donated personal protective equipment and its very own Multilem vitamins to the Lung Center of the Philippines; as well as relief goods and Multilem vitamins to beneficiaries in Tondo, Manila, particularly in the Smokey Mountain area.

“Success isn’t all about how much one company makes, it’s about making a difference in other people’s lives. The Save One Initiative is REJ Diamond Pharmaceutical’s way of helping create healthier communities one person at a time,” said Derich Cabrera.

“So while most of us are preoccupied with the daily grind and anxious as to how we cope with the new normal, there are those underprivileged and institutions that are in dire need of our help. With the Save One initiative, we are creating hope for them to have a chance for a better life.”

“By making REJ brands available, accessible, and affordable, we ensure that every ordinary Juan has a chance to a healthy life. We plan to continue helping our frontliners and fellow Filipinos in their fight to help flatten the curve and realize our goals to create better lives through our products,” Mr. Cabrera added.

During the company’s recent donation drive in the Lung Center of the Philippines

Maintaining wellness will surely be a priority among Filipinos nowadays, and REJ Diamond joins in helping Filipinos stay healthy as it continues to fulfill its commitment to enhancing their lives through quality yet affordable health products.

“We are prioritizing producing new products that can help the community in strengthening their immunity and overall health, such as natural beverages that promote better digestion and detoxification; sanitation products like alcohol and disinfectant solutions; supplements and vitamins—all at a price that is accessible to the consumers,” the president said.