Spotify launches Pinoy rock video series

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SPOTIFY has launched a three-part Pinoy Rock video series that turns the spotlight on Filipino rock musicians, old and new.

Available on the Spotify Philippines Facebook page, the series brings together acts like Sponge Cola, Hale and Callalilly with up-and-coming talents like This Band, December Avenue, and I Belong to the Zoo to chat about the OPM rock scene, their struggles as artists, and what they want to see happen in the local music scene in the next few years.

In the series, Hale frontman Champ Lui Pio described the difference between the rock scenes in the 2000s and today: “Back then it was very traditional. You really need to be signed by a big label because everything is expensive when produced.”

Pero ngayon, masusulat ka ng kanta, ang layo ng mileage kaagad because of Spotify (But now, you can write a song, and you get so much mileage because of Spotify.),” said a Callalilly member.

Wala kaming radio presence, wala kaming TV presence,” December Ave members said of their experience as an independent band. “Kailangan lang namin mag-resort sa mga tools na available sa amin, like the Internet. Sobrang laking tulong ang Spotify, actually. Parang ’yon na yong naging form of distribution namin.”

December Avenue was Spotify’s second most-streamed local artist in the Philippines in 2018.