HAVING done professional wrestling for half a decade now and accomplished quite a lot in the process, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) star Matt Riddle shared that he is not about done and more is in store from him.

Speaking to Filipino sports journalists in a round table discussion last Thursday, 35-year-old Mr. Riddle, the Original Bro, said he is enjoying what he is doing and is thankful for the opportunity that the WWE has given him.

“You know, I think it’s still the beginning of my run and I think I have done a lot of great stuff, a lot of cool things. I’ve been the United States champion already and now I’m RK-Bro with Randy Orton and we’re the current WWE RAW Tag Team Champion. I mean, the crowd is loving it, I’m loving the reaction we’re getting. I’m pretty juicy about how everything is going so far, but I’m always wanna shoot for the stars,” the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter-turned-pro wrestler said.

“I love working at WWE. I’ve loved every opportunity… I love it all. I really enjoy my job. I couldn’t be more happy working for the WWE. I’m stoked,” he added.

Mr. Riddle made his pro wrestling debut in February 2015, but before that he spent time doing mixed martial arts (MMA) in the UFC and Titan Fighting Championship, compiling an overall record of eight wins and three losses.

He said he enjoyed his time doing MMA and believes “I’m really good at it,” but it is in pro wrestling that he has found his true passion.

“What goes on with me is it’s real, it’s natural, I’m really enjoying myself and I think it’s contagious,” said Mr. Riddle, one of the fan favorites in RAW.

And the learning continues for him, especially from tag team partner and veteran Randy Orton, something he said he looks forward to moving forward.

“Working with Randy, I’ve learned a lot in a short amount of time. The one thing I learned is Randy is extremely cool and laid back. In a sense, I’m kind of like that. But Randy, even though he’s been doing this for years he still makes sure he takes care of every little thing he has to take care of every single week. He doesn’t make mistakes and even when he does, you can’t tell because he’s Randy Orton,” he said.

Adding, “That’s something I’ve learned. Just being in the moment, doing the right thing, and just crossing those T’s and dotting those I’s. Make sure you don’t leave any loose ends.”

RK-Bro won the RAW Tag Team Championship in SummerSlam in August, beating AJ Styles and Omos.

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