SINGAPOREAN sports biomechanist Dr. Marcus Lee graces the session of the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) national summit on Thursday.

Dr. Lee, part of the national team of the city-state, particularly in providing biomechanics and injury prevention support, will lead the discussion on “High-Performance Sports and Athletic Success.”

He is to share his extensive experience in the science of body movements, honed by his years as head of the Sport Biomechanics team of the Singapore Sport Institute and as a director on the board of the International Society of Biomechanics in Sports. 

In bringing Dr. Lee over the online summit, PSC Chairman William Ramirez hopes Filipino sports educators, trainers and coaches as well as other stakeholders gain awareness in the field, which they feel will go a long way in achieving success.

“We need to open the pathways for Philippine sports by allowing them to learn from experts in sports science. We are beyond grateful to Dr. Lee for sharing his expertise,” said Mr. Ramirez in a statement.

The talk on High-Performance Sports and Athletic Success is the third topic to be discussed in the second phase of the conference after that on clean and fair play efforts in the country by Philippine National Anti-Doping Organization President Dr. Alejandro Pineda, Jr. and Sports Science and Sports Success by International Basketball Federation doctor Jose Raul Canlas. — Michael Angelo S. Murillo