THE much-awaited annual run for Mother Earth in the country is to happen next month as National Geographic’s Earth Day run is to be staged once again.
Happening on April 14 at the Mall of Asia Open Grounds, this year’s edition of the run will have the theme “Planet or Plastic?”
The theme is in line with National Geographic’s multiyear initiative that aims to raise awareness on plastic pollution and reducing the amount of single-use plastic that enters in the world’s oceans.
Co-Presented by Immunomax, Earth Day Run 2019, now on its 10th year of staging, is expected to attract 15,000 running enthusiasts participating in four race categories, namely, 3K, 5K, 10K and 21K.
“We are proud of how Earth Day Run has played a vital role in bringing awareness to environmental issues in the country. Now on our 10th year, we are excited to once again share everyone’s passion in caring for one’s self and the environment as we run together for the planet. With this year’s theme Planet or Plastic?, we aim to raise awareness on the effects of single-use plastic and how important it is to take action today. It is our goal to make Earth Day Run a change driver with how people live their lives. By being more conscious of our actions and the footprint we leave behind, we re-commit and strengthen our promise to help and protect our planet.” said Charo Espedido, Director and Head of Marketing of FOX Networks Group Philippines.
Runners and event-goers at this year’s Earth Day activities in the Philippines will be encouraged to take the official Planet or Plastic? pledge to reduce their use of single-use plastic. No single-use plastics will be allowed at the event, as all runners are encouraged to use the reusable water bottles that will come with every race kit.
Apart from the Earth Day Run and the pledge, the Planet or Plastic? campaign comprises a number of actions leveraging the power of National Geographic’s media portfolio and expansive network. The organization-wide effort — being executed across multiple platforms in the months and years to come — will include major research and scientific initiatives; consumer education and engagement; updated internal corporate sustainability commitments; and innovative partnerships with like-minded corporations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from all over the world.
For more information on the Earth Day Run and to sign up, visit — Michael Angelo S. Murillo