NEW YORK — National Football League (NFL) chiefs on Wednesday vowed to press ahead with the league’s new helmet rule despite a storm of controversy which has erupted during its use in pre-season games.
A statement from Troy Vincent, the National Football League’s executive vice president, ruled out any possibility of changing the new laws ahead of the regular season.
Vincent said the decision to stick with the rule change was taken after a meeting of the NFL’s competition committee.
“The committee resolved that there will be no changes to the rule as approved by clubs this spring, which includes no additional use of instant replay,” Vincent said.
“The committee also determined that inadvertent or incidental contact with the helmet and/or face mask is not a foul.
“As all adjust to the new rule, we will continue to provide video feedback and examples of fouls and incorrect calls to coaches, players and officials over the next two weeks and throughout the season as this new rule is implemented.”
The NFL toughened up its rules concerning tackles involving the helmet in March in a move aimed at reducing the number and severity of concussions and other head injuries.
As of this season, players who lower their heads to initiate contact with the helmet will face a 15-yard penalty and possible ejection. — AFP