AdSpark, Inc., Globe Telecom’s digital advertising subsidiary, unveils insights on how the online views modern celebrity love teams in the age of social media in its white paper called “The New Romantics.”

The research, which was divided into five subtopics, showed interesting aspects regarding the obsession with celebrity couples. These are:

Perfect combination. Audiences seem to be demanding authenticity from brands — and love teams are no exception. After all, there’s nothing more exciting than real people finding true love.

From reel to real. Offscreen couples might not get as much airtime or online attention as love teams do, but they are still much-needed proof of how celebrity couples can thrive.

Noon at ngayon. Love teams may not be forever, but the current nostalgia wave allows viewers, and even celebrities, to relive the honeymoon period.

I love you, hater. Despite inter- and intra-fandom wars, people still show a preference for positive news about their favorite idols. Love conquers all — and, most importantly, thrive.

Better together. Solo careers aren’t going anywhere, but love isn’t dead: it’s just taking on a new form where they can flourish together and independently, as long as they stand behind each other.

Love is a theme that remains central to all Filipinos, therefore knowing how the online Filipino interacts and views love teams is important to brands and marketing practitioners.

“Using our brand planning proprietary tools, we wanted to understand why Filipinos are obsessed with celebrity couples. It’s a key marketing proposition, that if the consumer loves the celebrity couple then they will support the brand they are endorsing,” said Onat Roldan, AdSpark president and chief executive officer.

AdSpark generated the report by using its own AdSpark intelligence platform. AdSpark intelligence uses social listening that tracks mentions and comments across the internet; and content consumption which measures what Filipinos are reading and viewing on the internet.

To find out more about online Filipinos and love teams, download the full report here: