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Anthology: Stories about Architecture
June 17 to 19
The Book Stop, Plaza de Roma, Intramuros, Manila

AN ARCHITECTURE festival called “Anthology: Stories about Architecture” will be held from June 17 to 19 at The Book Stop in Intramuros, Manila.

The festival is a project of the WTA Architecture and Design Studio, Instituto Cervantes, the Embassy of Spain, and Intramuros Administration.

The Book Stop is a pop-up public library built by WTA Architecture and Design Studio as part of its Urban Initiative Campaign, done in partnership with Instituto Cervantes. The library was launched on April 23 at Makati’s Ayala Triangle for Dia del Libro. It has since been relocated to Plaza de Roma in front of the Manila Cathedral in Intramuros, Manila. The Book Stop has been getting a lot of attention for shining a spotlight on the lack of public libraries in cities.

Regular events have been organized by The Book Stop, which has been attracting 500 to 1,000 people daily.

THE BOOK STOP at Plaza Roma in Intramuros

The architecture festival is free and open to the public. It will be held in Plaza de Roma and will be anchored by The Book Stop as its main stage. “Anthology” will consist of over 20 events over three days, and include speakers and workshops as well as fun activities for architecture enthusiasts.

The first event is the Architecture that Matters Exhibit, which features conceptual panels or models from about 40 architects. The exhibit, which will run through the course of the festival, focuses on architecture that is socially relevant and meaningful.

The main event is a series of dialectic panel discussions on the last day of the festival called “Shelter Dialogues.” Each panel will consist of four to six architects, with a total of about 35-40 speakers through the day. These will include architects, developers, government officials, among others, all of them to discuss and share their thoughts on architecture. Over a thousand visitors and 60 major firms are expected to participate in the festival.