Spas in the city

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A guide to pampering yourself.


No one can turn back time. We can, however, reduce the evidence of time in our bodies thanks to these treatments from these spas. And maybe, just maybe, we can pretend that time can stop, even for just a few moments, while we’re getting our massages and facials and pedicures.

The Crown Spa, City of Dreams

Located in the plush Crown Tower in City of Dreams, the Crown Spa’s Ultimate Package (330 minutes for PHP10,300) includes a 30-minute Bath Ritual, a 30-60 minute bath scrub, a 60-minute Aroma Massage, a 90-minute Crown Personalized Facial, 45-minute Classic Manicure, and 45-minute Classic Pedicure. The Crown Spa uses treatments, oils, unguents, and the like from British brand Aromatherapy Associates. Meanwhile, the manicure and pedicure packages use the vegan SpaRitual nail lacquer line, formulated without DBP, toluene, formaldehyde, and formaldehyde resin. Choices for the facial treatments include the Age Repair Facial, Essential Rose Facial, Skin Solutions Facial, Soothing Facial, Deep Cleanse Facial, and Instant Eye Repair. The Crown Spa also has steam rooms, a sauna, and vitality pools.

Vietura, Sofitel

Sofitel partnered with beauty institute Vietura, an “aesthetic center” that offers natural beauty treatments. Vietura provides a comprehensive program that includes non-invasive treatments, nutritional counselling, and life coaching, making sure that you become beautiful inside and out. Vietura’s natural Facelift and Contour program employs the use of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and Power Cell Lift treatments to stimulate the body’s own healing process and smoothen out lines and deep wrinkles.

Then there is the Get Back In Shape Body Sculpting and Weight Management program, which includes, aside from a standard coaching and eating plan, body-sculpting sessions with Resonax, Europe’s latest non-surgical technology for face and body sculpting. It also includes hormone treatments with HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), a fat mobilizer and appetite suppresant.

A full body-sculpting program averages from three to six months at weekly intervals with a maximum of 45 minutes per session. Skin Vitality sessions from the institute include skin consultations and analysis, carbon laser, oxygen facial, Dermapoint, Meso Rejuvenation, facial skin spa, micro exfoliation, and a micro chemical peel. Longevity treatments, meanwhile, will include lifestyle caching, Human Growth Hormone treatments, Nutrition IV, IV Glutathione and Vitamin C, Hydrotherapy, and energizing sports ritual. Prices may vary depending on the patient’s condition. According to the hotel, however, Vietura’s stem cell treatment is giving an introductory rate at PHP808,500+++ plus a room in Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila.

Prices for other treatments are as follows: facial, PHP2,500-PHP9,500; facial contouring, PHP54,600-PHP84,375 per session; IV treatments, PHP90,000-PHP110,000 per session. Note that rates become more cost-effective when a client invests in a customized program.

Chi, The Spa, Shangri-la Boracay

Chi, The Spa, in Shangri-La Boracay Resort and Spa, offers an all-out body massage that promises total bliss and peace. The 5,714-sqm spa village sanctuary offers the Palina Therapy, which lets you have two therapists doing a synchronized body massage with long and sweeping techniques. Their careful hands are trained for deep muscle relaxation while releasing tensions both of the mind and body. But before the massage, you are to enjoy a body scrub with coconut first. The PHP9,000 session lasts for one hour and 45 minutes.

Devarana Spa, Dusit Thani

While most spa treatments last for one to two hours, Devarana Spa in Dusit Thani Makati offers a spa arrangement for five hours straight. Called the Half Day Harmony, this complete pampering package starts with a Thai herbal steam to open up the pores while easing body tension. While the skin softens, a floral bath and a body scrub follow. After, the treatment includes a 90-minute body massage back-to-back with another 90-minute facial and foot reflexology. You can do this solo or with a lover. Price: PHP12,600/person  or PHP23,900/couple.

Nobu Spa, City of Dreams

While Poker and Baccarat are games of chances and luck, here in City of Dreams’ Nobu Spa, everybody gets a 100% chance at winning in life — with a relaxing body massage. Its signature spa treatment, called Nobu Rakuen, leads you to the sweet life packaged in a 90-minute body care session. The treatment starts with a foot bath ritual. After the rinse follows the hand and foot massage using essential oils to reawaken our senses and energy. While the head and face massage is the perfect combination to end the therapy, the highlight of the show is the back massage using heated bamboo sticks. The body therapy can go from moderate to hard. Try the Nobu Rakuen treatment for PHP4,900.