The Philippines continues to see the rise of digital marketing among many businesses. In 2021, it was found that 92% of Filipinos shopped online while another 71% buy through brand websites and social media platforms. Businesses also continued to spend more money on social media ads while Filipinos are first in Asia in terms of average daily time spent over the internet.

Refocus, an online education technology company, sees the potential of many Filipinos to leverage this opportunity. Whether a regular Juan, a fresh graduate, an entrepreneur, or a young professional, anyone can jumpstart his or her digital marketing careers in hopes to find a better job or way of earning or prepare for bigger roles in the digital marketing field.

According to LinkedIn’s Emerging Jobs Report, jobs evolve, and new ones emerge as technology creates new opportunities and industries. In the Philippines alone, the research revealed that upskilling is critical to the Philippines’ growth and the companies that succeed are the ones that make the workplace conducive for continuous learning.

“Digital marketing has become an in-demand industry that many, if not all, companies have come to realize they need to succeed today. Regardless of the industry, companies see the benefits of utilizing the potential of digital marketing in helping companies reach their goals. However, with these possibilities comes the challenge of many to find an end-to-end learning experience that can give them the exposure needed as if already in the real world,” said Roman Kumas Vyas, founder of Refocus.

There are many possible free and paid courses online that consumers can choose from, but it is different and much more beneficial if a program can provide users the needed exposure to industry leaders and potential corporations that can hire them after they graduate from the course. Refocus aims to provide its students with an education that provides further employment opportunities and increases their potential to earn.

Upskilling the Filipino workforce

“We’re not only here to educate and equip our students with the right digital marketing knowledge and skills. We are here to help them learn, practice, and eventually gain employment at companies looking to beef up their marketing teams. We have set the goal of educating one million students by 2026. Our team is building a system that will be able to face all the challenges, risks, and opportunities,” emphasized Mr. Vyas.

Refocus’ digital marketing program aims to help a person with zero knowledge and experience in marketing to become a specialist viable for employment in any company. It offers an online program that helps students understand, practice, and immerse themselves in various aspects of digital marketing in a span of nine months. Graduates earn a certification once they finish the program. Students are gathered in communities and learn new job-ready skills with the help of Refocus’ corporate partners and curators.

In addition, Refocus’ program is designed to meet the standards and needs of real employers who seek qualified candidates. “The program we offer at Refocus are developed to meet global education requirements and be locally relevant. This is why the industry experts and top professionals we work with in the course are all local, top-notch and able to provide our students with real-life cases that will help them learn from the very best,” stated Mr. Vyas.

Increasing employment potential through digital marketing skills

The digital marketing program offered by Refocus features cognitive, affective, interpersonal, and psychomotor skills. Students will not only learn the basics of digital marketing but even imbibe and practice the soft skills needed to become a great digital marketing specialist.

From job finding skills to having a growth mindset, Refocus wants to inspire current and potential students with the vast opportunities digital marketing offers. Interpersonal skills are likewise practiced by working in a team for particular digital marketing tasks.

Furthermore, students are given the opportunity to access necessary software programs to help them better understand and practice digital marketing. From digital marketing strategy to content creation, performance marketing, paid social efforts, customer relationship management, SEO, Social Media Marketing and Analytics, Refocus has truly made learning digital marketing accessible to Filipinos.

“We firmly believe that students learn best when they practice what they learn. Our digital marketing program is just that – theoretical and practical activities that will equip our students the confidence, determination, and necessary skills to make them competitive in the market,” said Mr. Vyas.