Bed weather. Get up and started with these self‑care suggestions.

Jam with your pets

In celebration of World Animal Day, Spotify created mixes that pay tribute to our furry friends. Jam along with “Petfluencers” Chloe the FrenchieHamlet the Piggy, King Bentley the Bull Dog, Nala Cat, Shrampton the Cat,That Golden Doodle and Toast Meets World.

Listen to your mind


World Mental Health Day is observed on October 10 every year. The Philippines is one of only two countries in South East Asia without a mental health law, and that says a lot about the current state of mental health in the country. There’s also an art exhibit called Depresione y Mania: A Bipolar Artshow hosted by GOT Heart Gallery, featuring visual artists from Anxiety and Depression Support of the Philippines. The exhibit is ongoing and will run until October 15 at Earth Kitchen, White Plains, Katipunan, Quezon City. Alternately, you can also wear your advocacy by buying your own motivational pupper (on a shirt) for only ₱250. More details are on the Youth for Mental Health Coalition page, which you should also follow to stay updated about mental health.


Love your body

Award‑winning actress Iza Calzado wants you to know that having a positive view of your body is important. Ms. Calzado battles her own body issues, and shared a photo of herself in high school over Instagram last year to show how much she’s changed not just in size but also as a person. In collaboration with She Talks Asia, Ms. Calzado will launch Body Love Revolution next month to celebrate body positivity.

“Now when people say body love, they think about size,” Ms. Calzado said in a brief interview with SparkUp during the Project Ripple Launch at The Brewery, BGC last Wednesday. “I want people to understand that it goes beyond size. It goes with color, height, whatever issues you may have with your body.”

“We want to empower Filipinas to encourage them to love themselves and to love others.”


Accept your quirks

Season two of Crazy Ex‑Girlfriend is streaming on Netflix (finally!), for more of Rebecca Bunch’s (played by actress Rachel Bloom) musical, comedic and occasionally cringe‑y misadventures as she tries to figure out her own life. Despite all the musical numbers and over the top shenanigans, the show portrays the overachieving lawyer struggling with mental illness (who moved to small town West Covina from New York to get together with a Filipino who was her boyfriend for a few months when they were still teenagers at summer camp) in a realistic light. Yes, like the opening song says she has a lot of issues to address, so do the other characters. Life isn’t perfect, things don’t always end well, but it’s those occasional flashes of brilliance and the support of people who love us that makes it worth living. Song and dance numbers are optional.

Also, binge watch it now because Season 3 is about to show on cable TV.



Exercise doesn’t just make you fit. Exercise also makes you happy. To quote Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) from the movie Legally Blonde: “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands.” But why not mix up your gym regiment with a visit to a trampoline gym. Satisfy your inner child and just jump it out until you get tired.

Trampoline Park in Mandaluyong City boasts around 70 trampolines for you to jump on, and a foam pool for you to dive in! Defy gravity with aerodynamic tricks, run on the wall like a ninja and show of your skills—if you have them. Or you can bounce around with a friend, attempt to slam dunk a basketball, push each other while wearing bubble suits. It’s just fun fun fun, and even more fun if you save money by catching a promo on MetroDeal.

Just make sure to wear tight socks if you plan to jump into the foam pool, unless you’re alright with leaving with just one or none of your socks.