Multimedia Reporter

Working closely with HR professionals across multinationals in Singapore and Malaysia, Kassandra Monzon saw firsthand just how difficult hiring new workers has become. Traditional processes don’t work with Gen Z applicants. These young entrants to the workforce come complete with an entirely unique set of needs and priorities.

The problem, she theorized, wasn’t that Gen Zers weren’t fit for the workforce. It’s that company practices and methods needed an update. And Monzon believed she knew just how to help.

Monzon returned to the Philippines and, after several consultations, validation tests, and a full pivot, founded Workbean, an HR-cum-mediatech platform for navigating the complicated web of hiring and showcasing what makes your company a great place to work.

If you got it, flaunt it

By keeping up-to-date on what perks and benefits are in demand, Workbean assesses companies to help them put their best foot forward when engaging with potential hires. Their hope is to be the first place applicants go to for information on a company’s employee experience.

On Workbean, a company can show off photos of their office, share testimonials from their employees on work life, and display a rundown of their benefits and amenities. It’s a great way for companies to flaunt what they have. Monzon cites a client whose company has an in-house chef, and another one with fast promotion opportunities even for fresh graduates.

“These stories are what we unearth, and that’s what we want to share,” she said. “So that’s what we really want to address: Awareness that these opportunities exist.”

This is just the tip of the iceberg for opportunities in the HR industry. If a company’s “culture page” helps with recruitment, Monzon also wants to address retention. Soon, they’ll be launching a product to measure employee happiness, not only for employee satisfaction but also to help employers cut down on re-hiring costs.

Ultimately, Workbean aims to make employment a more exciting and educated process by utilizing new tools and showcasing the possibilities for the workforce.

“In the advent of information everywhere, we lack information on companies that will make us dream bigger and ask bigger questions,” said Monzon. “That’s the problem that I want to solve.”