STORM Learning gathered HR industry experts in an exclusive event to discuss the latest in learning trends and innovative learning solutions through real-time workshops at the “Why Training Fails (without the right measures)” workshop in BGC last July 3.

The program showcased global learning trends along with STORM Learning’s report, developed to inform business leaders in the Philippine market how to better structure internal and external learning programs.

“The top barrier when it comes to building a learning culture within the workplace is access to learning the way employees prefer,” said DM Varun, STORM Learning’s Co-Founder and CEO.

“These learning programs not only up skill employees for better business impact but also encourage them to grow and collaborate with one another.”

Varun also announced the rebranding of STORM Learning to Skillbean in an effort to increase visibility and accountability in the training ecosystem in the Philippines.

“Skillbean takes STORM Learning’s two core products and combines them into one learning experience platform where employees can upskill themselves and track and reflect on their learning patterns and behaviors to be able to keep up with the demands of the ever-changing workforce,” said Varun.

The event included learning sessions on “How Workplace Affects Learning” by Riccardo Corsini of KMC Solutions; “Beyond Leadership and Management” by Sarah McLeod of Q2 HR Solutions; “Tools of Emotional Intelligence in Learning and Development” by Ruby Mañalac of
People Dynamics; and “The Human Part of Learning” by Francis Kong.

“When you build different flows and layouts based on how your employees engage and behave within the workspace, they’re generally healthier, empowered, and happier,” said KMC’s Corsini, who argued that workspace design is way more than a vanity expense. “It also helps employers and companies because employees work better and they become positive ambassadors of the company and its culture.”

The event highlighted listening to employees and maximizing learning and development as crucial operative factors for companies to improve revenues and productivity, as well as attract talents and increase retention.

“Why Training Fails (Without the Right Measures) is supported by KMC Net Quad, Office Essentials System Furniture Inc., LJC Restaurant Group, and Commune.