Local data science firm among top 10 BI solution providers


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Digital Reporter

Local data science and management consulting firm Cobena is the only Filipino startup to land in APAC CIO Outlook’s Top 10 Business Intelligence (BI) Solution Providers for 2018. The IT publication enlisted the help of distinguished CEOs, CIOs, venture capitalists, and industry analysts to identify emerging and leading BI companies within the region.

Cobena utilizes a “whole-brained” approach to data analytics: balancing rational and data-driven culture (associated with the left side of the brain) with creative strategies (associated with the right side of the brain). This approach has helped them create products such as Gateway, a location analytics platform that helps companies pinpoint prime locations to expand their business. Since it started in 2016, Cobena has retained 90% of its clientele, ranging from FMCG, education, and real estate.

Big data analytics is projected to be one of the next booming industries in the Philippines. For instance, businesses have already started using big data to discover consumer insight. And the public sector is catching on. In a recent symposium, data-driven projects by the government such as the Philippine Earth Data Resource and Observation (PEDRO) Center and the Philippine Research, Education, and Government Information Network (PREGINET) took center stage.

Cobena President & CEO Francis Del Val projects that data analytics could be the third biggest industry supporting the national economy, following OFW remittances and the BPO sector. “The practice of data analytics does not only help businesses grow, but also contributes to the country’s overall economic advancement.”

With APAC CIO Outlook’s recognition, Del Val is also positive about the capability of the Filipino in the IT industry. “We always believe that our world-class Filipino talent and capabilities can make a huge difference. These milestones serve as a reminder of our goal to help businesses become more competitive and efficient, and ultimately help build the nation.”