Watch nine Filipino female tech founders pitch their startups


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Last weekend, nine female founded tech startups competed for a chance to represent the country on the global stage at She Loves Tech 2019, to be held in Beijing, China. Watch their pitches below:


1Export was founded by Mel Nava and is a one-stop, end-to-end exporting platform helping MSMEs and farming communities. They carry out this service by matching suppliers with traditional wholesalers and retailers abroad through data analytics, and processing export-compliant documents and labels.

Antipara Exploration Inc.

Antipara Exploration is an underwater 3D geospatial mapping and analytics company. Founded by Cherry Murillon-Cubacub, Laurice Dagum, Engr. Francis Corpuz, and Engr. Aaron Hilomen. it uses its own built underwater towed platform with camera and sonar system to provide maps and relevant information for marine management.

Container Living PH

Container Living provides a sustainable and modular-construction approach to modern building practices by using decommissioned shipping containers that are disaster-resilient and highly customisable. It was founded by Mac Evangelista, Engr. Aly Reyes, Mitch Menez, and John Aguilar.


FHMoms provides a platform which helps women find online jobs. Founded by Maria Korina Bertulfo, Lyra Jewel Decena, Rose Anne Fermocil, and Elisa Javier, their app narrows down employment options based on the results of their skill career matching quiz, and links users to online courses that will equip them with the knowledge and professional skills for their chosen online career path.


Founded by Gladis Morales and Rachel Jaro, Goally helps employees achieve their financial goals by providing an online dream planner, investment marketplace, and salary deduction facility.


Co-founded by Liron Gross, Payo is a gateway that manages and simplifies cash on delivery (COD) transaction for online sellers. We provide a full-suite of technological solutions including fraud detection, data analysis and courier optimisation, aimed to empower the merchants with abilities to seize control of the COD process, reduce cancellations and increase revenues.


Founded by Queency Kay Koh and Ira Manalastas, SmartBride is a virtual wedding planner powered by Artificial Intelligence. Their service automatically recommends free customisable wedding packages based on user’s preferences such as budget, location and target wedding date.


StyleGenie is an online personalised styling service, with over a hundred Fashion Brands and 30,000 users on their platform. Founded by Abbie Victorino, Minrie Macapugay, Steph Oller, and Rhij Sarenas, stylists outfits based on customers’ Style Profiles and provide door-to-door delivery of the corresponding StyleBoxes.

Vesl Pte Ltd.

Founded by Maureen Nova Ledesma, Jessica Manipon, and Yroen Guaya Melgar, Vesl is a financial technology company innovating the trade finance sector by providing a platform that connects trade lenders and businesses to per invoice trade credit insurers, among other specialised insurance products.