SeedWorks PH Aims to Help Increase High-Quality Rice Production in Central Luzon

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SeedWorks Philippines is intensifying its push for its US-88 hybrid rice variety in its own effort to help local farmers increase production of high-quality rice. The company is initially rolling out its strong promotion initiatives in Central Luzon, a region that accounted for a fifth (or about 20%) of total rice yield in the country in the first half of 2018, based on data from the Philippine Statistics Authority.

“We encourage more farmers especially in Central Luzon to choose US-88 hybrid rice, which is more ideal for the type of climate we have,” said SeedWorks Philippines Area Manager for North Luzon Simeon Bautista. The hybrid rice variety is proven tolerant to typical crop diseases—like Bacterial Leaf Blight, among others—that impede yield of rice varieties.

Ideal rice qualities

“Aside from its proven resilience, US-88 brings about much better rice quality that consumers surely prefer,” Bautista added. The variety produces long-grain rice that has excellent soft eating quality. Milling and head rice recovery is high, comparable to premium rice that millers look for.

In line with the company’s initiatives to further push US-88 in the ‘rice bowl region,’ it is launching a contest for qualified US-88 hybrid rice farmers across Central Luzon. Dubbed as ‘Ang Hari sa Ani,’ the campaign aims to motivate local farmers in the area to choose the hybrid rice variety when they till their land this upcoming dry crop season. ‘Ang Hari sa Ani’ is also about choosing a variety that has high milling recovery and long grain that farmers can sell at a premium that is very timely with the influx of imported rice.

‘Ang Hari sa Ani’ yield competition

For an entry into the yield contest, a farmer must have a hectare of land planted with the US-88 hybrid rice variety during the upcoming dry season (November 2019 to April 2020). Sowing date must be between November 1 and December 31 of this year. Application forms are now available.