Those looking to take the route of entrepreneurship need to place importance on having a strong online presence in order to help conquer today’s market. A study by Nielsen revealed that 85 percent of consumers use the internet to find a local business, and make their buying decisions based on online reviews, ratings, and other information found online. Consumers are exhibiting a more proactive mindset, eager to know the origin, and what a brand is all about—including its business practices—before they make a purchase.

With customers having a research-first mindset, many businesses have invested in websites that act as online representations of their brand. With websites, enterprises are able to reach consumers from different age groups and places, granting them a wider market with increased growth prospects. But how can an online portal work for your business? GoDaddy, the company empowering everyday entrepreneurs around the world shares that a small business and entrepreneur can consider a mix of the following:

The Right Domain Name

Securing a domain name is a crucial first step in establishing a presence online. Maggie Wilson-Consunji, owner of Casa Consunji, a lifestyle décor café, stresses the importance of “having your brand as yours” and ensured she got for easier recall. This should be the top priority when planning a website to ensure consistency in branding—from your product to your digital portal.

Engaging Content

Website content is what keeps customers visiting your website and trying your products. Plotting out the messaging and aesthetic of a brand is important in appealing to today’s consumers. The American Marketing Association estimates that six out of 10 consumers expect brands to provide online content about their business on some form of digital property, and more than half head straight to a brand’s website for product information. The right engaging content that corresponds with your brand’s image, provides an incentive for consumers to purchase and can contribute to the growth of the business.

To pique the interest of today’s consumer, businesses need to tell their respective stories through easy to digest content. Interesting photos, articles, and videos that depict the type of lifestyle a brand espouses is key to engaging possible customers. If the message resonates with the viewer, they may be more likely to buy your product.

Seamless User Experience

Today’s always connected consumer puts a premium on experiences they have with a business. When logging on to a website, their expectation is a smooth process. “A website needs to be easy to navigate and mobile-friendly and contains information customers are looking for,” says Roger Chen, GoDaddy’s Senior-Vice President for the Asia Pacific Region. “If you have engaging content, you add even more to the overall user experience.”

Business owners and entrepreneurs looking to create a website need not be daunted by the idea that it’s only for the tech-savvy. Easy to use tools in the market like GoDaddy Website Builder for example, is a web-based tool that has over 1,500 visually appealing templates that’s easy to use and creates a mobile friendly, easy to navigate website in less than an hour.