How to reach more consumers by building a solid an online content strategy

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In the Philippines, nine out of 10 internet look online to find the right product or service to buy. Increasingly, we see Filipino consumers searching websites instead of shopping aisles for their purchases. That creates an opportunity for businesses to pull customers into their websites and online platforms wherever it is they’re coming from.

Content marketing—meaning the use of videos, blogs, and social media posts to engage an audience—is crucial to building brand loyalty as well. A recent study revealed that 60 percent of consumers use emotional language to describe products or brands they love–the same vocabulary used for family and friends. Meanwhile, only 3 percent of people would lean towards purchasing from a brand based on their values or corporate responsibility. 

So how do you build that kind of authentic relationship? By creating relatable content. The experts at GoDaddy share some tips on how to make your content work for you.

Why businesses need a good content strategy

Developing and implementing a content strategy is not a cookie-cutter exercis —what works for an investment company might not work for a steel manufacturer. GoDaddy recommends that brands define their audience clearly to help determine the right online channels in which to engage them.

“While there are a variety of online platforms available today to promote brands, it can be helpful for small businesses to start with one or two platforms to deliver your content to your desired audiences, and monitor them to see what is working,” said Tina Shieh, director of marketing for Asia at GoDaddy. “With GoDaddy Website Builder, social platforms can be easily integrated into a business website for ease of consistency and management.”

It can be helpful to involve internal staff in developing the business’ content strategy especially if their knowledge of the brand is in-depth. If internal knowledge is still growing, then a small business owner might consider engaging a content expert who can help advise on how to make the brand story more appealing for a wider audience. There can also be increased pride of ownership by staff when they have active involvement in promoting where they work along with products and services.

Content needs time for traction

Unlike direct door-to-door marketing, online content marketing takes time to yield results. Experts suggest businesses should give online content marketing six to 12 months to make an impact before switching to another strategy. This allows some time to help a business identify which online channels are more effective than others, and which ones require more development.

Customer stories as content on a business website can also showcase a venture to its potential target market. These anecdotes are credible examples of how the business treats its customers. And can be added to an online portal over time as these remain evergreen.

Content needs to adapt to the target market

There’s really no one size fits all content strategy, it must keep evolving to suit what your target audience is looking for.

Recently, much of content marketing has shifted towards video streaming. It is important that businesses know the right length, type, and channel to post their videos to help reach their intended audience. Useful videos with advice and suggestions, coupled with data-driven infographics can also help engage audiences as they visit a small business website.

“Content can be a direct and authentic way for brands to interact with their audience. This interaction builds a strong bond that can ultimately lead to positive and more enduring business results while building affinity with customers,” said Shieh.
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