How to find freedom and launch your career as a digital nomad


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Freedom Summit Philippines kicks off the Freedom Summit group’s global tour of conferences targeted towards digital nomads. Founder and career blogger Ricky Shetty envisions the event series to be the first to organize legs in every continent, culminating in a cruise to Antarctica.

“We might get a lot of penguins in the audience [on that one],” he said.

His ambitious project is all in line with their core message that people can build careers that are lucrative, flexible, and geographically-independent. That is, free — free in terms of money, time, and location — thanks to the suite of digital tools available to workers today.

Shetty is himself an avid traveler, having visited 81 countries across six continents working as a blogger and internet marketer — with wife and three kids in tow. Through this series, he hopes to share some of the strategies he’s cultivated, as well as bring together local and international experts to speak on topics including:

  • Building a successful, structured career as a freelancer
  • Generating passive income
  • Establishing thought leadership
  • Successfully striking work-life balance

Launching in Asia, Shetty is pulling together five events between now and April, with stops in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Freedom Summit Philippines will take place on March 30 and 31, at GroundUp Coworking in Paranaque City. SparkUp readers get a special 40 percent discount off of ticket prices by using the promo code: BUSINESSWORLD at checkout.