Career advice: How to build relationships and prioritize growth


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Young professionals these days seem to be in a constant state of flux, pursuing jobs and careers that give them personal satisfaction and fulfillment over those that solely provide competitive salaries and benefits. TELUS International Philippines, one of the leading providers of contact center, business process, and digital solutions in the country, understands that job seekers and team members are looking to secure a competitive compensation plan but, at the same time, being part of an organization that provides fulfilling roles and development opportunities is even more important. By meeting and exceeding team member’s expectation for personal and professional growth, TELUS International Philippines is achieving results with one of the lowest attrition rates in the industry.

TELUS International Philippines has also received a record-breaking engagement score of 90 percent according to an annual employee survey conducted by global HR solutions provider Aon. So what is it doing right?

Creating an environment of support and opportunity where employees can see their medium- and long-term opportunities within the company is a good place to start, according to Vice-President for Brand, Marketing and Culture, Warren Tait. “Team members can envision their future as a valued part of our organization,” he said.

But what exactly are the opportunities that employees should look for? Long-time TELUS International Philippines team members Darrell Laxamana, Jovi Ann Enriquez-Sagubo, and Ivette Ramos propose three things those planning their careers should look for.

1. Personal and professional development

Good companies will not squeeze the talent out of their employees. Rather, employees are hired based on their talent and potential and then they are inspired and supported to grow and develop through enrichment programs within the company. The first exposure of Darrell, Jovi Ann, and Ivette to their jobs was a recruitment process that evaluate their potential and an onboarded program including skills training to prepare them for success in their respective roles.

“I entered the corporate environment later than most people would, but I took a gamble because I wanted to send my children to good schools,” said Ivette, who started as an agent and is now a corporate social responsibility officer at TELUS International Philippines. “The coaching and training I received upon joining TELUS International Philippines prepared me for the tasks ahead. It also gave me a boost in confidence and reassured me that I had the potential to advance professionally in a new field.”

For Darrell, the initial training he received as new call center agent fed his competitive nature and motivated him to strive for leadership roles.

“Being new to the call center environment, we spent the first three months in training. We needed to immerse ourselves in the accounts we were to handle, best practices in customer service, basic troubleshooting, and other skills to be successful in our new roles. Exposing us to these things from day one gave us a better understanding of the path ahead and what we needed to accomplish to grow our careers,” said Darrell.

2.Career growth

Opportunities and growth can make a difference between staying or leaving for many career-minded individuals. At some point, employees will want a change, a new role, a new team or to rise in the ranks. TELUS International Philippines employees can experience career moves that play to their strengths and passions.

Jovi Ann thought being an undergraduate would limit her chances of having a rewarding career. “I had to put my passion on hold when I left college to work and provide for my family. I was worried that not having a degree would limit my options and I was lucky to find a company that not only opened doors for me, but also gave me the chance to explore new roles.”

Ivette, appreciates the change in her career when she became CSR officer, where she has since excelled markedly. “Corporate social responsibility gave me a better sense of purpose,” said Ivette. “With the work that I do and the impact we create in our communities, I know I’m making a difference in the lives of many people. From the moment CSR was entrusted to me, I knew it was the track I wanted to take.”

3. Co-workers who motivate you to succeed

Darrell, Jovi Ann, and Ivette have experienced first-hand how healthy relationships in the workplace help one succeed.

Darrell says, “Our friendship started as we all began our careers at the company at the same time. We made different choices as our careers progressed but we were there for each other along the way. Our individual achievements became each other’s motivation to push forward.”

From different team building activities, employee clubs, fun facilities and other employee engagement programs, TELUS International Philippines has always been proactive in cultivating caring relationships within their work environment.

“When there are office gatherings, I am still able to indulge my passion for drawing and painting. There are art contests that I can join and proudly represent my team. There is pride for me in being able to do that,” said Jovi Ann.

For Ivette, it is her exposure to company-led outreach programs that changed things for her. “Initially, having these activities was a way for me and my friends to bond. It also aided me to meet more people and expand my network in the office. Ten years later, I am still enjoying myself and it doesn’t feel like work for me anymore.”