SONY Music Entertainment is offering a new platform for Southeast Asian artists: a label called Offmute.

The new pan-regional label by the global recording giant will be focusing on Southeast Asian artists. Thus, the three artists they initially signed all came from the region: Liesl-Mae from Malaysia, Mezzaluna from Indonesia, and Clara Benin from the Philippines.

“What Offmute is, is really a platform where we commit as a large company to help break artists and develop their fans across a series of countries in Southeast Asia,” said Shridhar Subramaniam, President, Strategy and Market Development, Asia and Middle East, Sony Music Entertainment, during an online press conference on March 19. “This is the foundation upon which they can leapfrog onto the global platforms, and to the global stage.”

“Offmute aims to be collaborative, genre-agnostic, and even country-agnostic,” said Mr. Subramaniam. “We believe that this is the future of how things will happen, and this is really the first step towards building something of that kind.”

Clara Benin is renowned for amassing more than 25 million streams on combined music platforms Spotify and YouTube. She frequently headlines local and international music festivals, and has won multiple awards including Wishclusive Contemporary Folk Performance of the Year for her song “I Rose Up Slowly.”

Asked how she was able to continue working during the pandemic, Ms. Benin said, “I’m really privileged to have a home studio, sort of. I think I’ll be recording most of my stuff at home. That’s been working for me so far.”

Mezzaluna, a 20-year-old alternative-pop singer releasing her debut single this year through Offmute has the same situation as Ms. Benin. “I have a home studio. That’s what I’ve been doing so far.”

Liesl-Mae’s situation is different. “I do not have a home studio, but so far… I’ve been working on I’ve just been on my guitar, writing down my lyrics. For proper recordings, we haven’t actually gone to the studio. I think we will be able to as long as we just be a bit more careful.”

“Southeast Asia has always been home to some of the most creative artists in the region, and also home to some of the most passionate fans that we can find anywhere in the world,” said Mr. Subramaniam.

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