The Philippines prepares for the US$262 million powerball lottery draw

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This Wednesday, 9 December 2020, the American Powerball lottery offers a gigantic jackpot of more than ₱12 billion. Could you handle winning such a prize?

It’s official: the U.S. Powerball jackpot didn’t fall in its draw on Saturday, 5 December 2020. The five numbers drawn were: 3, 4, 6, 48, 53and the Powerball number was: 10. It’s still possible to win the lottery’s incredible top prize and becoming a multi-multi-millionaire in the next draw.

You can buy official Powerball tickets without leaving your home in the Philippines and play for the $262 million jackpot (₱12,6billion), this Wednesday, 9 December 2020. This is legally possible when you use the online lottery ticket service: The Lotter.

Thousands of Filipinos have already begun using the services of The Lotter to safely and securely purchase official tickets for Powerball and other foreign lotteries. If you want to know how The Lotter works, please continue reading.


Is it legal to play U.S. lotteries from the Philippines?

According to Adrian Cooremans, The Lotter’s spokesman, it is possible to play American lotteries such as Powerball from The Philippines as”lottery rules clearly state that you do not need to be a citizen or resident to play, nor is there any law in the United States prohibiting a foreigner from winning the lottery.”

Based on those rules, residents of the Philippines can participate in the Powerball draw with official lottery tickets purchased legally on their behalf by a respected and reputable ticket messenger service, such as The Lotter.

What happens when a Filipino wins?

When a Filipino wins a smaller secondary prize in a lottery draw, the prize money is transferred directly to their personal account. However, when a Filipino wins a lottery jackpot, The Lotter makes all the necessary arrangements for the winner to travel to claim the prize in person. The winner does not pay any commission or extra payment to The Lotter, and he is offered a free of charge attorney to accompany him in the process.

6 quick and easy steps toward winning a US$262 jackpot

  1. Create your free account at The Lotter and click on Powerball.
  2. Select your favorite numbers on the online ticket purchase form.
  3. Confirm your purchase. Visa and Master Card are the leading payment methods in the Philippines for online lottery play.
  4. An official ticket will be purchased for you by our local agents in the USA.
  5. You will see the scanned receipt of the ticket in your personal account.
  6. You’ll receive a notification every time you win!

The odds of a Filipino winning this US$262 million Powerball jackpot are exactly the same as those of someone playing in the United States. A Filipino who buys his tickets at The Lotter could be the jackpot winner if he hits all the numbers in the Powerball draw.

The Lotter charges a small service fee, but the good news is that “when you win, we don’t charge commissions, no matter how big or small the prize is,” The Lotter’s representatives explain.

About The Lotter

The Lotter is the leading online lottery ticket messaging service in the world, enabling people everywhere to play, and possibly win the biggest international lotteries. Since its launch in 2002, The Lotter has paid out more than $100 million in prizes to over 6 million winners from across the globe. The biggest winners at the site have included a woman from Panama who won $30 million playing Florida Lotto and a man from Iraq who won a $6.4 million Oregon Megabucks jackpot.

The current Powerball jackpot of US$262 million will be drawn on Wednesday, 9 December. All Filipinos who buy their official Powerball tickets at The Lotter will participate in the draw with the same conditions as if they were physically in the United States.

What if this time it’s your turn to win? Could you handle winning such a huge amount? There’s only one way to find out. Get your Powerball tickets in time for the draw and good luck.

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