SM DEVELOPMENT Corporation (SMDC) has started listing its projects on online real estate platform Lamudi, as part of its efforts to expand its market reach and address buyers’ demands in the “new normal.”

“During the pandemic, we’ve discovered the power of online selling. Our sales come both from our physical broker network and also through the internet,” SMDC President Jose Mari Banzon was quoted as saying in a statement sent by Lamudi.

Property firms are turning to online listings as community quarantine restrictions are still in place. Lamudi had noted a 31% increase in site visits from returning platform users from March to April 2020, the height of the strict lockdown in Luzon.

Mr. Banzon said SMDC has allocated funds for its overseas agents to create interactive websites and a 360-degree view of showrooms. “What we want is for the website to sell the Philippines, sell real estate in the Philippines, and give the potential buyer the capability to do the transaction through the internet,” he said.