SORRY, but your industrial-inspired restaurants will have to take a backseat this Christmas. BusinessWorld just had a preview of Christmas dinner at Discovery Suites’ Hangar 43, and let me tell you, dining with a view filled with real cranes and cables, and actual buildings and city lights, concrete and exposed pipes won’t look the same anymore.
Because of complications created by towers surrounding the Discovery Suites building in the Ortigas area, the helipad on the 43rd floor of the hotel hasn’t been operational for quite some time. “It’s hard to be innovative these days. Because we have this asset that wasn’t being used, we thought, ‘Why not?,’” said Angela Padilla, marketing communications director for the Hotel.
The helipad has been used at least twice before for Valentine’s Day dinners, but due to numerous requests, the hotel has decided to open it up for Christmas parties and other occasions, the first booking available on Nov. 26.
The helipad, called Hangar 43, is available for a maximum of 35 persons at rates between P90,000 to P110,000 net. Three menu packages are available: Barbecue, Holiday, and Asian, and will include centerpieces, one round of iced tea or soda, a sound system, and complimentary parking for 10% of the guests.
As well, the hotel’s renowned restaurant, 22 Prime, will be offering pop-up dinners at the top floor on all the Saturdays of December (seats are limited).
(For those who still want the view but are uneasy about rooftop dining, the hotel has more function areas at the 41st and 42nd floors which also have great views of the city. And since they are not limited by the edge of the roof, these areas have bigger floor areas and can accommodate bigger groups of up to 120 persons.)
“The view is something you don’t really get anywhere else,” said Ms. Padilla.
Some caveats from us though: the elevators at the building only go up until the 41st floor, so you’ll have to take two flights of stairs to get there. No kids below 15 are allowed, and the venue closes at 10 p.m.; all for safety reasons. For other concerns about becoming a bit too giddy while on the roof of a skyscraper, security officers are posted throughout.
For bookings and inquiries on the Christmas party packages and pop-up holiday dinners, call 719-8888, or visit — Joseph L. Garcia