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Meet the Cruiserheads, a group of guys who ride their bikes in search of good food and good coffee.

There always are dangers on the road and it pays to always play safe. Ely Buendia thinks those who don’t go to driving school endanger not only themselves, but others. A lot of accidents happen because riders don’t know what to look out for when they ride. There are things to do to keep a rider and people/vehicles on the road safe. Mr. Buendia enumerates the following basic rules:

Follow traffic rules and regulations

Watch out for signs and warnings which tell you when there’s danger looming ahead

Control your bike; don’t let your bike control you


Mr. Buendia thus recommends the Honda Safety Driving School in Bicutan, Parañaque, “where they teach you how to ride bikes, scooters, and cars.” He took all seven modules, from beginner to intermediate and he says it was “very affordable and worth it.”

Photo courtesy of Ely Buendia

“We are always mindful of each other’s comfort level in riding. The group at the front will always be more aggressive, and faster; they will always wait for the back group, especially before any major turn,” added Bernie Ledesma, manager of the Shangri-La at the Fort branch of Harley-Davidson. “Of course, someone who knows the route will keep everyone at bay.”

“Most wives become supportive when they realize that cruising is a more docile adventure,” volunteered Mr. Ledesma. “It’s relatively safer going at cruising speeds. Most wives in fact—or some—appreciate riding at the back; it is what you call the back ride.”

Is it a comfortable ride with a backrider? “It depends on your setup. There are comfortable seats and a back resting pack. And sometimes—in rarer cases—they tend to fall asleep riding the back,” Mr. Ledesma said.

While there are risks, Mr. Buendia said that if he had a choice, he would commute on a bike every day. “It’s not just it’s fun, it’s practical. You save on gasoline and you get to places faster.”