Shooting from the hip: Trump and Duterte’s fiery quotes

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    Donald Trump and Rodrigo Duterte met Monday in Manila for their first official talks, an occasion that brought together two of the most outspoken statesmen of recent years.

    US President Trump has reveled in his ability to shock establishment America and the former reality TV star enjoys a reputation among supporters for straight talking.

    In tweets, press conferences and at campaign-style rallies, the 71-year-old has blasted “political correctness” in favour of voicing opinions popular with his base—but anathema to his liberal foes.

    His Philippine counterpart, Mr. Duterte, who is 72, built his electoral success on crowd-pleasing pledges to rid the country of drugs and crime by killing tens of thousands of people.

    Here are some notable quotes from two populist presidents whose insurgent rule has shaken their countries. — AFP