Shell brings out toy cars fueled by saltwater

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Shell saltwater toy car

SHELL has released toy cars propelled by electric motors with lithium batteries juiced by saltwater.

A chemical reaction creating electricity comes from the electrolytes supplied by the saltwater. The electricity produced then powers the cars’ motors. So included in every car, called Shell Saltwater Supercars, are two lithium batteries, a salt and water mixer, and a dropper.

Shell said the toy cars show children “an alternative source of energy in action.”

The four Saltwater Supercar models are also offered with customizable racetracks, which are made from Bagasse, fully biodegradable organic material containing no additive or chemicals, according to Shell. The company added it donates P2 to the Plastic Bank for every Saltwater Supercar or racetrack sold.

“At Shell, we champion innovation and new energy solutions. With the new Saltwater Supercars we hope to offer an elevated experience with toy cars, bringing cutting-edge technology to our loyal customers, and for all ages to enjoy,” said Mark Malabanan, Shell V-Power brand manager.

The Shell Saltwater Supercars and racetracks are available until Nov. 30 at participating Shell stations. They can be bought after purchasing Shell fuels and lubricants.