Sekaya Botanic Infusion: Tea with a Twist

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If the first thing you think of when you roll out of bed in the morning is coffee, you’re not alone.

A 2017 study by Kantar Worldpanel revealed that coffee remained the Filipino’s “go-to” drink.

While a hot cup of coffee can sure perk you up in the morning, tea has just the right amount of caffeine (90% as compared to coffee) to get you going and the benefits of drinking tea go far beyond refreshments. Also, there are plenty of studies that show that drinking tea can improve your health.

It’s botanic infusion, not tea

Taken from Sentrong ng Pangkatutubong Yaman, ‘Sekaya’ is a consumer brand of Synnovate Pharma Corporation of Unilab, Inc. that focuses on functional food supplementation in the natural health landscape.

Its vision is to partner with the best food providers in town and bring wellness to the table.

Sekaya’s first line of products, Botanic Infusion, is a blend of traditional botanicals synergized to assist the body’s self-healing functions. It offers 24 variants, but only five were chosen that best fit the needs of restaurants, cafes, and hotel businesses.

“We want to achieve a certain level where customers drink because it is good for their health, and not only because it is refreshing,” Abrina added.

Compared to ordinary tea bags, Botanic Infusions come in loose leaves, roots, and bark that don’t have a bitter after-taste, and no lasting teeth discoloration.

“As the loose leaves, flowers, roots, and bark dance in the water, there’s a full release of flavor in the water as opposed to ordinary tea bags where it is thinly crushed and more constricted,” said Abrina.

Sekaya Botanic Infusion is the only natural products in the country that were processed and quality-tested in accordance with the more stringent pharmaceutical standards, as opposed to many natural products in the market which have been processed at non-cGMP (current good manufacturing process) facilities thus exposing them to bacterial and final contamination.

It demystifies the valuable healing benefits of nature by creating products that are plant based and science-based. It is certified organic by United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and QAI, and meticulously tested in pharmaceutical grade laboratories.

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