THE Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has advised individual borrowers about communicating with a certain entity named Intelligence Samusai.

In an advisory posted on its website, the SEC’s corporate governance and finance department said it had learned that Intelligence Samusai, which uses the e-mail address ( has been contacting individual borrowers of a certain lending company via e-mail.

The commission did not specify the name of the lending company, but said Intelligence Samusai had been advising borrowers to stop the payments on their loans due to active cases and investigations by different countries on the said lending company.

“Please be informed that the commission does not issue such advice to any borrower of any lending or financing company,” the SEC said.

“The public is further advised that the commission is not, in any way, connected or affiliated with Intelligence Samusai,” it added.

SEC urged borrowers who received letters, e-mails, or any other communication that has the said information from Intelligence Samusai and other entities to coordinate with the commission. It said the public may directly communicate with the commission via e-mail. — Revin Mikhael D. Ochave