SEC issues advisory vs Requiza Poultry, Unlishop

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THE Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has advised the public to be cautious in dealing with Requiza Agricultural Products Trading (Requiza Poultry) and Unlishop E-commerce Advertising Company (Unlishop) since neither are allowed to solicit investments.

In an advisory, the corporate regulator said it has found Requiza Poultry to be offering an investment with returns of 40-50% of the capital every 60 days.

Under the scheme, investors are invited to buy at least 35 chicks for P3,500. They will then wait for 60 days to get back their capital in addition to 50% returns. A capital worth P500,000 will allow an investor to buy 5,000 chicks, then get P750,000 in returns after 60 days.

Investors are also given three options for every harvest period, wherein they can withdraw the capital and profit, withdraw the profit and retain the capital, or retain the capital and profit to acquire more chicks.

Requiza Poultry further offers a referral bonus program for accounts with at least 3,500 active purchases. Investors can get five percent of the investment of their referral if they have a capital of less than P100,000, while those who invested more than P101,000 will get eight percent of their referral’s investment.

The SEC said that Requiza Poultry is not a registered corporation and does not have the necessary license to solicit investments from the public.

Meanwhile, the commission also flagged investments in Unlishop since it has been encouraging the public to sell online account codes and recruit other individuals into the system.

Unlishop’s scheme involves the investor creating an account for their website with an activation code worth P1,000. Each account can have up to 31 accounts. Once the account is activated, the user will receive P1,000 as a welcome reward.

The investor can earn through a daily download bonus, wherein they can earn P100 per e-book they download from the system. This can be done every day for up to 10 days, or a maximum of P1,000.

They may also earn P100 for every person recruited into the system, as well as indirect referral bonus of P15 per invite for the people recruited down the line up to the 15th level.

While Unlishop is a registered partnership headed by Hector John Hemady Dollero and Ryan Guerrero Hemady, the commission noted that it is not authorized to solicit any form of investment.

Both Requiza Poultry and Unlishop may be penalized up to P5 million or sentenced to prison of up to 21 years for their investments schemes, as per the Securities Regulation Code.

The commission is thereby requesting the public to “exercise caution before investing in these kinds of activities.” — Arra B. Francia