Safer road trips with Hella

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HELLA, a leading European manufacturer of auto parts, believes being smart on the road is the key to avoiding vehicular accidents, be it night or day. Hella advocates for road safety by improving visibility when driving through sight and sound. With its high-quality, secure, and stylish products, Hella hopes to provide the market with the right tools needed to become smarter drivers and car owners.

Vehicular safety can be best ensured by having a clear view of the road through your windshield. It also helps you see crossing pedestrians who are on their way home or going to the office, especially those working the night shift.

Hella offers a wide range of wipers that can be installed for passenger vehicle use. They feature a nanotechnology graphite-coated rubber blade for smooth and quiet operation with clear visibility, and contact points with even downward pressure to deliver a clean wipe at every point. Some of Hella’s wipers have a robust spoiler design to endure extremely harsh weather and environmental conditions. Hella offers Premium Wiper Blade, Curvo Wiper Blade and Razor Wiper Blade.

For commercial vehicles, Hella has wipers that have thicker graphite-coated rubber, a heavy duty steel frame for maximum stability and durability, glossy surface powder coating for rust protection in all weather, and multiple adaptors for maximum vehicle coverage.

The sound within the surrounding helps drivers to navigate the road better. In fact, horns make it easier for drivers to be heard, especially during emergencies or heavy rains. They also come in handy when alerting other nearby vehicles.

Hella offers horns that have varying sounds including a soft timbre and mellow sound for a more harmonic tone like the Royal Twin Tone trumpet horn, and a strong penetrating tone that is ideal for tough off-road use like Super Tone Horn. They have twice the lifetime of OE specification, are corrosion-resistant and can be installed easily in tight and limited spaces.

Lights are an essential part of the driving experience. They help you see the road more clearly, especially during those long late night or early morning drives to avoid rush hour traffic. Uniquely designed and engineered with high-quality standard, Hella’s bulbs produce xenon-like natural daylight output for higher contrast and better visibility.

Hella’s bulb offerings have wider field and longer range of clearer vision that allow faster reaction time for safer driving. They employ high-quality UV-filtered quartz glass which reduces eye strain. They come in two variants: PowerBleu and Platinum performance bulbs, both designed for easy plug-and-play installation and directly interchangeable with original equipment (OE) bulbs.

A careful driver ensures that his vehicle is free of defects by installing quality and well-maintained car parts. With Hella’s high-quality and stylish product offerings, roads can become safer even after the holiday season because drivers and consumers now have access to tools they need to travel smarter.