Rock that colorful winged eye

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Now that half our faces are covered with a mask, makeup lovers have to turn their emphasis to the eye.

Here’s an interesting makeup hack one might want to add to their arsenal of techniques: Using bullet matte lipstick to create winged eye makeup. This is an easy way to upgrade a look into something trendier and dramatic as suggested by Blythe by Careline Majestic Matte Lipsticks.

To create a clean winged eye, follow these steps:

Step 1: Using a thin angled brush, angle it from the side of your nose to your outer brow to determine the endpoint of your liner.

Step 2: Mark a small dot just above the eye crease to mark the tip of the wing.


Step 3: Draw a line connecting the dot to the outer corner of your eye. Avoid pulling the skin while drawing the line. Instead, tilt your head back and look down so you can easily trace your lash line.

Step 4: Draw another line connecting the outer corner of the eye to the middle of the upper lash line to create your outline.

Step 5: With the angled brush, fill in the outline using one of Blythe Majestic Matte Lipstick’s four shades: Kelvin, Phoenix, Vixen, and Cosmos.

Clean up any mistakes with makeup wipes or dip a cotton swab in concealer or eye cream to remove any excess eyeliner.

Blythe by Careline Majestic Matte Lipsticks  (P165) are available on Careline’s official Lazada page.