REVOLUTION PRECRAFTED Philippines, Ltd. is on track to expand to 25 markets by the end of the year, announcing on Tuesday its entry into Europe through a partnership with a Barcelona-based firm.
In a statement, the property technology firm said it is partnering with Spanish firm BC Estudio for the supply of $52 million worth of residential units in Tarragona in the Spanish region of Catalonia.
“We wanted a project that would shine a light on Europe’s ecotourism potential. We are very happy to partner with BC Estudio in spearheading a development that would further strengthen Spain’s tourism,” Revolution Precrafted Founder and Chief Executive Officer Jose Roberto R. Antonio said in a statement.
BC Estudio is an architecture, design, and property management firm in Spain. The company is currently developing a total of 260 units along Ebro Delta in Tarragona, which is touted as one of the best fishing and water sports areas in Europe.
Ebro Delta is one of the largest wetland areas in the Western Mediterranean region. A portion of the Ebro Delta was designated as a natural park to protect the flora and fauna found in the area.
Under the deal, Revolution Precrafted will supply 50 units of hotel villas on a 12-hectare lakefront property along the Ebro Delta. The contract consists of 40 one-bedroom villas covering 30 square meters (sq.m.) each, as well as 10 two-bedroom villas. A unit will be priced at a minimum of $200,000.
Revolution Precrafted will be supplying the hotel villas that are part of the first phase of Ebro Delta project, which will also include a 700-sq.m. clubhouse.
Mr. Antonio said the construction of the hotel villas will start in early 2019.
“We are keen on completing the plans for this project by the third and fourth quarter of this year, with the intention of starting land development in early 2019,” he added.
BC Estudio officials Gabrel Barba and Jordi Barba cited the site’s tourism potential in pursuing the project.
“We are very excited about this partnership with Revolution Precrafted. We have always wanted to create elegant, design-driven homes and villas that would cater to the thousands of tourists that visit Ebro Delta all-year round,” BC Estudio said.
The partnership with BC Estudio followed Revolution Precrafted’s recent business road show in Europe.
Spain is Revolution Precrafted’s 13th international market. In the past few months, the company has pursued partnerships in Myanmar, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Trinidad, Guyana, Jamaica, Bahamas, and Bahrain, in addition to the Philippines. — Arra B. Francia