It is a longstanding issue for local boutique hotels, inns, apartels, condoles, and other privately-owned accommodations to increase occupancy rate on weekdays and off seasons. They need to juggle a variety of tasks, from marketing the business to creating exclusive packages and deals.

While it is getting challenging for these businesses to meet the changing demands and preferences of the customers, new innovations in the hospitality industry have helped them reach and attract possible guests.

Taking the path of other tech-enabled service platforms, Singapore-based RedDoorz is bringing a significant change in the local affordable hotel market by working with different property owners to standardize their accommodation offerings.


Property owners who partner with RedDoorz not only benefit from the company’s growing brand but also to its creative marketing strategies, online booking platform and top-class hotel management professionals, which help them increase potential for growth.

With its combined expertise in hospitality and e-commerce, RedDoorz prides itself in having the capacity to boost its partners’ occupancy rate to up to 70% in just two months.

Vicente Rodriguez, RedDoorz owner along Aurora Street in Pasay City, said that his business has performed well since he partnered with RedDoorz, registering a full occupancy on weekends and at least 60% occupancy on weekdays.

RedDoorz, according to Mr. Rodriguez, was able to boost the occupancy of his hotel with large margin compared to the days he operated the business on his own. This has left Mr. Rodriguez in surprise, knowing that his property is located in a secluded section of the city.

“Now, it’s better with RedDoorz,” Mr. Rodriguez said. “We save money because we don’t need to have our marketing cost. And of course, we get our target revenue all the time. No hassle.”Same is the case with Marlon Cunanan, RedDoorz owner on Samat Street in Mandaluyong City. He said that it is now easier to manage his accommodation business with RedDoorz.

“I don’t look for marketing anymore, they do the marketing for us,” Mr. Cunanan shared.

On weekdays, Mr. Cunanan’s RedDoorz-branded rooms have at least 80% occupancy rate. On weekends, on the other hand, these rooms are always fully booked, and sometimes overbooked.

“If you check it every day, it is almost fully booked. Then, it’s a good business,” Mr. Cunanan said. “I have a good partnership with them; it’s a right decision.”

As part of RedDoorz’s online booking platform, partners were able to increase their property visibility not only in the country but all over the world. This has paved the way for RedDoorz partners to accommodate guests in a broader market.

Mr. Rodriguez and Mr. Cunanan observed that they have guests from different countries now, unlike before when they only cater to local clients. This seems to be an advantage, according to Mr. Cunanan, since foreigners tend to stay for weeks because of the affordable and competitive rate that RedDoorz offers.


Before RedDoorz came in, Mr. Cunanan said that they operated traditionally, relying on walk-in guests alone. Its partnership with RedDoorz has addressed such dilemma and opened doors for property owners like him to be more accommodating to the new age millennial market.

Moreover, Mr. Rodriguez shared that RedDoorz is very hands on in terms of addressing the concerns of its partners. “They are attentive to attend to what your problem is. It’s easy to deal with them because the staff and people are very nice,” Mr. Rodriguez said.

RedDoorz not only ensures a long-term positive relationship with its partners but also with their staff through its several engagement initiatives.

“Here at RedDoorz, we promise not only growth for the partner property owners themselves but for their staff as well. By providing them with further training to help them provide excellent service to our guests, we are also enabling them to achieve more in their career,” Rishabh Singhi, RedDoorz chief operating officer, said.

RedDoorz also facilitates English courses to increase staff’s morale, boost their performance, and sharpen their communication skills. To create a sense of belonging and community, it also gives free lunch on Fridays and organizes several contests, among others.

As an affirmation to RedDoorz’s unparalleled partnership, Mr. Rodriguez and Mr. Cunanan were encouraged to expand their RedDoorz room portfolio.

In addition to 26 rooms, Mr. Rodriguez targets to lease another four rooms under his contract with RedDoorz. “We’re happy [with the partnership with RedDoorz], that’s why we’re expanding a little bit,” he said.

In the case of Mr. Cunanan, the overbooking they have experienced on weekends from time to time has pushed him to increase his RedDoorz rooms to 40 by the end of the year.

“There is a demand. If I don’t see the figures, I won’t,” Mr. Cunanan explained. “Kaya malakas ang loobko because I know RedDoorz is there.”