Record-breaking €205M jackpot could be won from the Philippines

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The Italian SuperEnalotto lottery is currently offering a €205.4 million jackpot prize, which is the biggest jackpot anywhere in the world at the moment and a record jackpot for this Italian lottery

This record-breaking lottery was previously the privilege of Italian residents only, but the SuperEnalotto can now be played here in the Philippines. With just a few clicks, you could be on your way to winning a life-changing lottery prize.

All you need to do is sign up at theLotter, the world’s leading online lottery ticket purchasing service.

How to play the worldwide lotteries from the pearl of the orient seas

When you sign up at the website and place your order, theLotter will send its local agents in Italy to buy official SuperEnalotto lottery tickets on your behalf. The website will charge you a service fee and in return you will see a scan of your tickets before the draw. 

When you win the SuperEnalotto jackpot, or any of the lottery’s generous secondary prizes, the entire amount will be yours. TheLotter doesn’t take any commissions from winning tickets.

Playing the lottery online at is safe and secure. All personal and payment details are encrypted under Geotrust 128 SSL bit security and accessible with a username and password only. All traffic between your web browser and the site is completely secure and you should not hesitate to make deposits or withdrawals at theLotter. In addition, a confirmation email, transaction record, and the ticket scan prove that any ticket you purchase at theLotter is owned by you, entitling you to any and all prizes it may win.

Online lottery ticket purchasing service by theLotter is totally legitimate. Over the years, has paid out more than $95 million in prizes to over 4.5 million winners from across the globe. The international media has reported that purchasing lottery tickets online through theLotter’s courier service is a legal way of playing the lottery.

Last July 21, Christina from the Philippines won €150,000 through theLotter. Christina was asked if she had any tips for online lottery players and she responded, “Not really. If you’re lucky, you’re lucky.” 

Purchase your SuperEnalotto tickets online at theLotter now for a chance at winning the lottery’s incredible jackpot!

For more information about playing SuperEnalotto from the Philippines, please visit


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